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Hello there! I created this group because I love being outdoors and recently rekindled my passion for backpacking and camping. Backpacking is very different from glamping or car camping. This has made it difficult to find other people to go with me. And I thought if I'm having a hard time maybe other people are too. That’s when I had that light bulb moment, if you create a Meetup group they will come.

All levels are welcome. Let's have fun exploring and who doesn't enjoy a good camp fire?

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9 mile +/- moderate hike Birkhead Mountains Wilderness Area, Uwharrie

Birkhead Mountains Wilderness

This is a 9 mile +/- moderate balloon or lollypop dayhike. There are several stream crossings. The streams are easy to cross if no recent heavy rains have occurred. Appropriate footwear that can get wet needed. Uncle Sam recently Improved the trails and replaced trail signs and markings making navigation easy.
I will have my cell phone and you can text me at[masked] if you can't find me or you are lost/late.

The meeting place is Thornburg Trailhead N[masked] W[masked]
From NC49 turn right on Mechanic Road then right on Lassiter Mill Road then look for the brown and white forest service sign for Thornburg and turn left into the parking lot. There is limited parking so carpooling is recommended. In the event the parking lot is full, there is another parking area at the Robbins Branch Trailhead N[masked], W[masked] a few miles farther off of Lassiter Mill Road. I will have my cell phone and you can text me at[masked] if you can't find me or you are lost/late.

This area is popular for backpacking and has several group camping areas published on the trail map and uncharted, established smaller campsites for smaller groups. If you are training for backpacking or otherwise would like to make this hike more challenging hike and burn more calories, I recommend packing extra water. Water weighs exactly 1 kilogram (2.2 lbs.) per liter and if you later decide to lighten your load, just pour out the extra water.

Remember "leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures" "pack it in, pack it out".

Bring plenty of water, snacks and rain gear, extra clothing as the weather and can be unpredictable.

A small donation $1-2 to offset event costs would be appreciated.

Carpooling is encouraged as parking is limited. If you want to carpool, I live near Home Depot 9501 Albemarle Road in East Charlotte and can meet anyone there. Please post a message if you would like to carpool and where you are coming from.

Birkhead Wilderness is part of Uwharrie National Forest and is designated wilderness which means no hunting or motorized vehicles allowed (except park rangers and Maintenace workers).

c you on the trail! Stay safe, Robert

Cane Creek Park - Union County Awesome OverNight Wilderness Camping

Cane Creek Campground

Folks, this is a FUN overnight. Cane Creek is located very close to the South Carolina Border in Union County. We will be staying at the Southern End of the park. The park has a North end entrance for day trippers, and a Southern Entrance for campers. Lots of FLAT trails up to 6 miles to explorer.
Those folks that are not ready to hike 2 miles to a camp site, this is the event for you. I will provide the firewood and first aid kit. Park phone number is[masked].

The Cane Creek Park staff and I, have made a very interesting observation. Like, who in their right mind would reserve wilderness camp sites in the middle of March. Well, it turns out there are other crazy campers out there that are doing just that. So my thought of just showing up at the park and getting wilderness sites W1 thru W9 gets thrown out the window.
I had a long phone call with Lilly from the office and just got back from a meeting with her.
Originally the scheme was to have you pay per camp site with a $15 in county resident or $20 for out of county resident fee. Each camp site can support 2 tents and 6 people. That would have worked out to $7.50 to $10 per tent fee.
We are a group, a meetup group! Why in the world did I even think about working with individual wilderness sites 2 tents per site when we as a group should be all together.
There is a Wilderness GROUP camping area that I at first did not even consider. The W1-W9 are easier to visit which I have done many times. Both are in easy path walking distance from each other.
I have included a new map on the event page showing the location of our reserved sites, H, J, I.
When you arrive at the park (AS EARLY AS 11 AM ON THE 18TH), make sure you travel to the southern CAMPING entrance to the park. There is no manned gate house, but there will be one or two gates that you will need a code to open to get to the GROUP CAMPING AREA which is to the right as you enter the park. I will arrive around 11 a.m. check in, as the reservations are under my name. I will be given the codes. All you have to do is simply arrive and go to sites H,J,I, pick a tent site and set up. Please note that site H and J has 6 tents max and site I has a limit of 4 tents. The number of people is not the issue, the 3 sites allow or support 80 people, but only 16 tents, it is the number of tents that is the issue.. Now 6 tents is a vague term as tents could be massive wall tents taking up a lot of space or 6 small 1 person tents. If we are smart about this, we can place the small one person tents close to each other and sneak in a few extra tents per site but as good campers and neighbors, we do not want to abuse this. The morning of the 18th, I will attempt to send out the gate code to all folks who rsvp’ed for the event. If you arrive and have not received the code from me, simply call me[masked] and I will provide you the code.
I have reserved and paid for the sites. The reservation is for sites H,J,I, for
March 18th from Noon (11 a.m. is ok) to 3 p.m. on March 19th.
My cost is $94.50 plus fire wood cost at about $30. Divide by the max of 15 tents (one less than 16 max which is me) that works out to 15 people walking up to me and handing me a $8 . If we get less campers that do not show up or we do not max out the event count at 16 tents, then I will eat the difference. Please note, I will not go around and ask for the $8 bill. On an honor system, it is up to you to find me and hand me the $8.

Folks say the bath house is amazing, showers, hot and cold water. We will have a fire pit going, maybe two. No wifi service. I believe there is still phone service, I should have checked while I was there today, sorry. Lilly did say there is some phone service. There better be phone service, as that is how you will get the gate codes from me, or I will have to sit at the gate and give them to you as you arrive, something I really do not want to do. Do note, the H,J,I camp sites are right off the main parking lot just past the bath house. The bath house does have a duplex 117 VAC outlet in both the men's and women's side. Please, Please, If you sign up and later decide you do not want to go, cancel or let me know so folks on the wait list can attend. I will provide wood for the camp fires. Happy Camping.
This is the third time we have camped at this park. The past two times have been awesome overnights. FYI, the park is being extra nice to our meetup group. Normally they require a 2 day minimum campout, but they are waving that requirement for our group.
New and experienced campers welcome. Pets on a leash welcome.


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Uwharrie National Forest Hiking and Camping Overnight Event

Uwharrie National Park