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Love to dance or want to learn? The Carolina Dance Club sponsors several weekly dances in Raleigh. They are very popular, well attended and great for newcomers to dance or the Triangle area. Check out our Sunday @ Elks Lodge and Tuesday @ Ego Entertainment dance schedules for upcoming start times and schedule.

More about us - Our dances are beginner friendly, and no partner is necessary to join us for any 55 minute beginner lesson we provide prior to social dancing. The Carolina Dance Club is the offshoot of our DJ and Entertainment company, Music and Dance Productions. Our goal and passion is to provide outstanding social dance opportunities for others to meet and make connections through dance and to provide world-class dance instruction from coast-to-coast. It has been our quest since 1996.

I'm Wesley Boz and my wife and I are passionate DJ–Dancers who love what we do and do it well. You may have heard of my wife, Debbie Ramsey, a world-class multi-award winning dancer (US Open winner and Swing Dance Hall of Fame). I am also a DJ and dance instructor, trained in NY City & Los Angeles, CA. Debbie and I have both worked in television and film, but I met my wife in NYC at a dance.

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