What we're about

Thank you for joining and I look forward to meeting you in person.-

We provide a proven path to follow and a community to help get you there to build wealth in Real Estate so you can fire your boss - even if that boss is you!....lol

We play cash flow and help people understand wealth building strategies so they can plan their "Financial Freedom day"

Hundreds are playing this game, come see why and how it can benefit you and your family. We pride ourselves for thinking outside the box and provide different tools/strategies to help you learn the same. Cashflow 101 game is one of them. (not played at every event)

So many think that being self employed is the answer - it is hell on wheels trying to do it all yourself. Lets get systems in place, Cash flow and resources to get you to your "Financial Freedom day" quicker.

This is a great place for Entrepreneurs, experts, trainers, coaches, consultants, real estate investors, Realtors and business professionals to network, share resources and exchange ideas. Whether you are experienced or you're just getting started, we invite you to join us for a meeting unlike any other you have attended before.

We are focused on the business of conscious wealth mastery - how to build assets while you work your cash machine (business). We all benefit by sharing resources, discussing strategies for generating more business, Real Estate deals, speaking engagements, networking and building relationships within the group--all while learning advanced business skills.

If you represent an organization or group that is in need of a speaker, please browse our member list. You can also contact Jo Anna Wright for assistance, the Organizer of this group or on her website at www.joannawright.net (http://www.epicrein.com/index.html)

There is no cost to join us. We hope you will join us for one of our lively and informative meetings!

Jo Anna Wright


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