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Come on out and take a relaxing hike without pushing it too hard… The hikes I post are all intended to be 'clearly more than a nature walk' while still in the 'rookie' range as far as hiking in general goes… ‘Casual Hikes’ does not mean ‘Easy Hikes’, it’s all relative. (FYI, compared to typical hiking groups, these are all easy to moderate, short, and relatively slow 'level one' hikes). Please be aware that trail hiking is considerably different than distance walking on paved paths. The biggest difference is the hills, and the extremely uneven and unstable ground to walk on. Hiking shoes are recommended, but good running/walking shoes will be okay too.


This is not a serious hiking group preparing for and doing extremely cool hikes in all sorts of exotic places. This group is about crossing the line from 'nature walks' into 'trail hikes', to gain basic experience, conditioning, rebuild after injury or just time off, to see just how cool the nature really is all around us still, or to just relax and enjoy a little bit of raw nature just because it's there.


The O.C. Parks system has miles of beautiful trails available in the local foothills. There is a wide variety of wildlife still to be found on a quiet morning hike, and the various seasons change the colors of the landscape (at least a little bit, this is southern California) from time to time.



Keep Yourself Safe.

Even though we’re close to home, it’s still easy enough to get hurt out there. We are all responsible for our own safety. This meet-up group and anyone in it is not responsible for your safety and makes no promise you are safe from natural dangers (mountain bikes, or anything else) while participating in a hike. Things like ticks and rattlesnakes are not uncommon (not a problem either, you just look out for them), plus all of the other normal outdoor dangers and precautions that come with any outdoor activity. Please know your abilities and your limits and keep yourself safe.


Okay… Click here for the calendar and let’s go (https://www.meetup.com/Casual-Hikes-Orange-County/events/)…

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Black Star Canyon Road- 'Flat' and 'Easy' Four Mile(?) Dirt Road Hike

Black Star Canyon Trailhead

Between the title, and the sign in the picture... that pretty much covers it.

This is a really nice walk with some interesting things to see along the way. There are a lot of stories associated with this place too, from paranormal to hostile locals, and the school bus in the ravine, etc... This is also the way to Black Star Falls, the Indian Grinding Stones, and Beek's Place beyond that. We will be turning around at the bottom of the incline where you either go down to go to the falls (into the creek, there is no trail the last 1.5 miles), or up the hill to the grinding stones and Beek's Place... I'm just guessing at the distance, but it's close...

There are no restrooms here.

DO NOT have valuables visible in your parked vehicles here. That is good practice at any hiking trail parking area. Put all valuables where they will be before you get to the parking area (don't be seen putting things into your trunk/inside console kind of thing).

Parking shouldn't be a problem, but I do not know for sure...?????

And I think that's it... Any questions, please ask...


Fairview Park, Costa Mesa; 3 Mile Morning Walk

Fairview Park

We will be doing a couple of loops through portions of the Talbert Nature Preserve. The trails are wide hard packed dirt through mostly natural native vegetation. The walk will be in the sun the entire time, there is no shade on the trails.

This hike is more of a walk and will be fairly flat --- I usually wear tennis shoes as opposed to hiking shoes, but to each their own. Part of it is on pavement and it includes a flight of stairs.

*** The entrance to the park is at the stop light very close to the pedestrian bridge going over Placentia Ave. ***

Dogs Are Allowed.

There is a lot of free parking here. Once you enter the parking area, drive to the end of the parking lot. On the right you will see 4 covered picnic tables in front of the restrooms (which are usually/hopefully open)... We'll meet there... And I guess that's it for now...


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