Celer and Chainlink Denver Meetup

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Join us at the Celer and Chainlink #BUIDL Denver meet-up to discuss the powerful combination of real-world information with layer-2 scalability. Each team will present their project and its solutions to blockchain security, scalability, and the use of external data to execute on-chain events.

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5:30pm to 6:00pm - Drinks, food and mingling
6:00pm to 7:00pm - Talks from Chainlink and Celer Network
7:00pm to 7:30pm - Wrap up

Smart contracts are tracking to be the leading form of digital agreements for key global industries. The vast majority of useful smart contracts extend beyond the blockchain to connect with external sources including data feeds, web APIs, and traditional bank payments. These connected smart contracts access information feeds such as stock prices for financial trades, weather data for insurance contracts, server uptimes for SLAs, and much more.
However, to maintain a connected smart contract’s overall reliability, the inputs and outputs to the contract also need to be secure. In this talk, we’ll define and examine what makes a secure oracle mechanism reliable enough for external data delivery, access to web APIs and off-chain payments.
We’ll explore how decentralization can make oracle mechanisms more secure and also present in-depth approaches that apply additional layers of security through the use of Trusted Execution Environments and cutting-edge approaches like TownCrier.

Celer Network
Despite its high potentials, off-chain scaling is still in its infancy with challenges remaining unsolved. For example, how to construct state channels that support arbitrary state transitions with minimal on-chain operations? How to route payments to achieve high throughput in an off-chain network that is fundamentally different from data networks? How to help developers to easily build and operate scalable off-chain dApps? How to guarantee that off-chain states are always available for possible disputes?
In this meetup, we will describe how Celer Network solves these challenges. Celer embraces a layered architecture with clean abstractions that enable rapid evolution of each individual component, including generalized state channels that supports fast and generic off-chain state transitions; a provably optimal payment routing algorithm that achieves orders of magnitude higher throughput compared to state-of-the-art solutions; a powerful development framework and runtime for off-chain dApps; and an incentive-aligned mechanism that provides stable liquidity and high off-chain state availability. We provide our vision for Celer Network 2.0, a grand unification of all off-chain scaling technologies into a single solution.

At ETHSF Hackathon last fall, several winning teams built with Chainlink and Celer Network, including AirPrediction and Micro-Subscription. We look forward to seeing more projects building jointly at ETHDenver.

- Dan Kochis, Global Head of Business Development for Chainlink
Dan has a long history of closing deals that help companies reach their next stage of growth globally. He was integral to Alibaba's first US acquisition, various worldwide strategic partnerships worth over $120MM in annual revenue, and corporate exits totaling over $4bn.

- Mo Dong, Co-Founder of Celer Network
Graduated with the Ph.D. from UIUC, Dr. Dong has been applying his research and engineer experience on networking protocol design, distributed systems, formal verification and Game Theory to scalability challenges of blockchain systems. Dr. Dong led project revolutionizing Internet TCP and improved cross-continental data transfer speed by 10X to 100X with non-regret learning algorithms. His work was published in top conferences, won Internet2 Innovative Application Award and being adopted by major Internet content and service providers.