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Maurice Merleau-Ponty and the Phenomenon of Perception
NOTE: Actual event date is in limbo until attendees decide upon new time. In his 1945 book Phenomenology of Perception (French: Phénoménologie de la perception) French philosopher Maurice Merleau-Ponty ( expounds his thesis of "the primacy of perception". It established Merleau-Ponty as the pre-eminent philosopher of the body, and is considered a major statement of French existentialism ( "The relationship between Phenomenology of Perception and Merleau-Ponty's late, unfinished work has received much scholarly discussion. An English translation by Colin Smith was published in 1962; another English translation, by Donald Landes, was published in 2013." from Quote found, among many, at


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"The unexamined life is not worth living" - Socrates

Welcome to the Central Florida Philosophy Meetup.

Since November 2014, this meetup was taken over by me, Jairo Jamyang Pawo Moreno, because it was abandoned by the former member, organizer, and founder Gary Childress. Gary had to step down from his position around October 2014, and a few days later I stepped up as the new organizer. Gary introduced this meetup with the following:

If you happen to live in the Orlando area and are interested in meeting and conversing with others who share a passion for philosophy then I hope you will consider joining. Feel free to browse this site and help build this community of thoughtful individuals. Before joining, please read everything below to make sure you are comfortable with belonging to this group.


This group is here for all of us to hopefully learn how to peacefully coexist and discuss philosophy. We meet about once per month. The environment has thus far been “casual”. There are no formal written guidelines or rules of conduct for the group other than the formal laws of whatever local government municipalities which may apply. All are welcome to join.

Although there are no formal guidelines of etiquette, it is highly advised that we try to be as thoughtful and respectful toward each other as we know how. Granted, being thoughtful and respectful of each other is sometimes a learning process for many of us (including me), and it’s not always easy to be thoughtful and respectful on a planet which is becoming more and more crowded. But that’s sort of part of the importance of studying philosophy isn’t it?

My own role as organizer will primarily be to plan and organize meetings and manage the group website. I also participate in this meetup (I am not “outside the box”). Always feel free to contact me anytime with ideas for meetings and any other concerns relating to the group which you may have.

Although one of the apparent “perks” of starting a group on is the potential “power” to ban members, I do not for see myself ever banning anyone so long as they abide by local municipal laws.

With that said, we must all think and be safe. There are realities around us which may intrude upon even our most idealistic wishes. We must learn to care for and look out for each other and we must also learn to use our own best judgment in what we ourselves think and do.

Finally, I encourage you to read my own profile information and that of other members before making the decision to join.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and consider joining our group. I personally wish you the best in your quest for wisdom, knowledge and understanding of this world of diverse people and ideas around us all.


Gary Childress

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