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We are professionals involved in Cyber Security for Automated Processes and Control Systems including security for Operating Technology (OT), Industrial Control Systems (ICS), SCADA Systems, Transportation Systems, Building Control Systems (BCS), and even emerging Internet of Things (IoT) systems.

We are here to connect the professionals in the Central Ohio area with real interest in or responsibility for the cyber security of these systems. We will gather for purposes of education, information exchange, and discovery of new opportunities and, yes, perhaps a few happy hours!

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(CS)2AI ONLINE: Saved by Ransomware! with Brent Huston

Online event

Join us for a fascinating story of an unusual ICS network incident Brent and his team worked recently. In it, he'll discuss how a successful compromise of an exposed server handed an attacker an opportunity to tamper with some critical infrastructure functions and how the victim was essentially saved by a ransomware infection. The talk will cover the attack scenario, the methodology of the attackers and some interesting IOCs and TTPs that were discovered during the incident analysis. Come and learn how, in this particular case, ransomware saved the day! Speaker: Brent Huston, Security Evangelist and CEO of MicroSolved Brent is an entrepreneur, inventor & futurist with a focus on crime, fraud & industrial espionage. Interested in the impacts of technology across these activities. He has a great reputation as a security & criminal researcher with a history of innovative approaches, responsible disclosure, rational control development & substantial findings. World-class experience with ICS/SCADA, utility & critical networks including segmentation, pen-testing, protocol/process weaknesses & incident response. Deep knowledge of fuzzing, honeypots & attacker deception/tampering. To date, he has brought more than a dozen technology products to market and he holds two US patents. He currently serves as an advisor, mentor and investor in multiple technology companies around the world.

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