CS2AI Central Ohio Presents: SMRT City, USA! CTF

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Control System Cyber Security Association International (CS2AI) is pleased to announce the “SMRT City, USA” capture the flag (CTF) debuted at 614con will be at our October 10th, meetup. Developed at Cloudhaus, a local makerspace, the CTF includes an impressive physical mockup of a modern day smart city. Programmable logic controllers (PLC’s) manage the city’s utilities and smart systems. Hackers are challenged with disseminating utter chaos and destruction throughout the city! The creators of the CTF, Chris Hartley and Mike Haas, will present on cybersecurity topics related to their model and vulnerabilities that are common in modern day industrial control systems (ICS).
Experienced hackers and penetration testers will have an opportunity to compromise the city before clues are slowly revealed to facilitate beginners. Anyone who brings a laptop will have an opportunity to participate in the event.

4:00 PM - Doors open, registration & professional networking, bar is open
4:30 PM - Short welcome, intro and explanation of the CTF
Open CTF, food is served, registration and networking continue
5:30 PM - Office welcome - introduction of sponsors
5:45 PM - Presentation
6:00 PM - CTF continues
7:00 PM - CTF closes
7:30 PM - Bar tab closed

More about the CTF:

Welcome to SMRT CITY, USA!
In this scenario, a proud metropolis has automated their systems’ critical function with modern ICS/SCADA tools. An automated dam protects the city from high waters and a fully-automated nuclear reactor provides power. What could go wrong? Find your way into the city’s BACnet controlled systems to find out.