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.NET is the Free, Cross-platform, Open source developer platform for developing applications on Web, Mobile, Desktop, Microservices, Gaming, Machine Learning, Cloud, and Internet of Things.

The Central Ohio .Net Developers Group meets on the 4th Thursday of every month and are free and open to the public!

All developers; professional, student, and hobbyist are welcome and encouraged to attend.

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Introduction to the CQRS pattern with Mediatr - Alan Barber

The Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) patten is a design pattern that focuses on splitting software architecture into two clear responsibilities. The first is Commands that change the state of the system and the second is Queries that return the current state.

The Mediator patten, implemented using the .NET library MediatR, is another design pattern used to reduced dependency complexity between objects and facilitate loose coupling of code.

In this talk we will learn more about each of these patterns, and how when combined, can be used as the foundation for building powerful enterprise applications that are easy to maintain.

Alan P. Barber is a Software Developer and Computer Scientist. Alan has been involved in software development professionally for over a decade and as a hobbyist programmer going on more than 25 years. He currently works as a principal consultant for Improving where he works with clients to find solutions to their difficult problems. Since 2014 Alan has been on the board of The Central Ohio .Net Developers Group. He has several active OSS projects which he develops on the side. When not diving into cool new technology, Alan can be found spending time with his wife going out on the town for foodie adventures or playing with his kid. You can follow him on twitter @alanbarber or visit his website http://alanbarber.com/ where he occasionally blogs.

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Ra-Ra-Roslyn analyzers! - Chandler Boucher


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Modern Cross-Platform Development with .NET 6 - Sam Basu


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