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The Central Ohio .Net Developers Group meets on the 4th Thursday of every month.

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January 2019 Meeting - Domain-driven design (DDD) in Azure

Information Control Corporation (ICC)

Domain Driven Design in Azure -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It’s been almost 15 years since Domain Driven Design was published. It was well received at the time, and still is one of the better books on architecture and design. However, despite being a more or less ubiquitous design philosophy, it’s less well known among younger developers. As technology has changed, the concepts of Domain Driven Design are still applicable. Azure presents a specific challenge for DDD, as the hardest work in design is at the boundary between two different domains, and a lot of .Net Core and Azure code is written to work at those boundary points. We’ll have a crash course in DDD for developers who may have never had a chance to explore the topic and well explore some concepts like writing software at the boundaries of domains, how to define limited domains for Web Functions, and other special considerations for coding at the edges in Azure and .Net Core. Speaker - Aaron Petry ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aaron Petry is a principle consultant with Improving and has been working in development for over 20 years. He is particularly passionate about design and architecture of a system. He’s worked with .Net since version 1.1. Most recently he’s been working with ASP.Net Core and Azure.

February 2019 Meeting - Unit Testing Your React Components

Information Control Corporation (ICC)

Unit Testing Your React Components -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One of the first things that drew me in with React development was its ease of testability. Getting components under test in isolation wasn’t difficult, and adding Enzyme into the testing tool chain just made things go that much smoother. Even though Jest is the preferred test runner of React, we’ve been using Mocha to test our React apps in production for a few years now. In this session I’ll share some of our common unit testing practices when building React components using Mocha and Enzyme. Speaker - Tim Wingfield -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tim has been involved with software development for way too long and is currently a staff software engineer at FireEye, Inc. His current team uses Rails and React, but that is just the current point in a long and winding technology journey that has included such things as ASP.Net MVC, Backbone.js, Cucumber, Iron Ruby (remember that?), and C#. Tim is a practitioner of TDD and a firm believer in refactoring because the cleaner your code is, the faster you can go.

March 2019 Meeting - TBD

Information Control Corporation (ICC)

Details to come!

April 2019 Meeting - TBD

Information Control Corporation (ICC)

Details to come!

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