August 2019 Meeting - How do you tame a big ball of mud? One test at a time.


How do you tame a big ball of mud? One test at a time.
In this talk, Matt Eland will be discussing ways of building a safety net for large legacy applications. He'll start with a quick primer on unit testing in .NET and ways of working around common obstacles to being able to test code. From there, Matt will take us on a whirlwind tour of various libraries and processes to improve and expand your unit testing capabilities and close with a discussion on analyzing software quality. Due to the broad range of libraries and techniques covered, this talk will focus primarily on testing plain old .NET code and will not focus heavily on web, mobile, desktop, or database testing. Matt's hope for this talk is that you'll find a number of new libraries and new ways of thinking about testing and take home some ideas to improve your tests.

Speaker - Matt Eland
Matt Eland has been working with .NET since Beta 2 in 2001. He is a Software Development Manager at MoveHQ, overseeing .NET and JavaScript / TypeScript development efforts on legacy web services and HTML report generation applications. Matt has a background in applications development as a full stack developer with specializations in WPF / XAML and Angular application development and has been active in the Software as a Service industry for the past 13 years. Matt also suffers from an as-yet undiagnosed chronic addiction to reading technical and leadership books.