August Monthly Meeting


Sankeerth Ankam will be talking on "Python Toolbox for Data Science & Importing Data using Python"

Python Toolbox includes Usage of index, Methods for Row & Column Access, Lambda Functions & Comprehensions/Importing Data includes extracting data from various sources such as Text files, Flat files, Excel files, SAS & Stata files, World Wide Web and APIs.

Sankeerth's presentation is the main one. If there is enough time left over after Sankeerth's presentation, Damien Calloway will give a presentation. If there not enough time after Sankeerth's presentation, Damien will present next month.

Damien's presentation is about the state of GUI development in Python. Through helping out Brad (a fellow Pythonista), Damien has gone though Tkinter, Toga, EasyGUI, PySimpleGUI - many of the references are old.
The talk is about how the other packages work, and to demonstrate that Tkinter still works as well.

Pillar Technology's 'The Forge' at the Smith Brothers' Hardware Building. Your car will be towed if you park on the south side of the building. Instead park on the north side of the building.

Afterward, we'll be adjourning to Brazenhead on 5th.