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September Monthly and 10th Anniversary Meeting

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Thanks to Pillar Technology for hosting us at 711 North High Street with Free Valet parking!

This month is our 10th Anniversary meeting! Come celebrate and see Pete Carswell talk about animation in Python. From Pete:

"An important concept in animation is transition and time. At Cranston/Csuri we had few software resources to use as libraries as well as references. There was no internet ... just the card catelog at the local library. So, we had to discover many of the practices of 'easein/easeout' on our own.

Easing has to do with the physical property of nonlinear motion, starting from a stop and slowing to a stop. And it is not restricted to motion along a distance. It is used in rotation, light pulses and the flight of projectiles. In my classes at Columbus State, I demonstrate the qualities of controlling motion with mathematical functions. To make this more visual, I use Python, Pygame and Superwires to create comparison animations to drive home these concepts.

My talk will include online resources to display some of the math functions and how they are used in animation."

Come and learn, share, grow, meet new people, and visit old friends at our monthly meeting! We'll be talking about the Python programming language and anything that intersects it, and the cool stuff you can do with it.

Pull over in front of 711 North High Street and hand your car over to a valet. The valet will give you a card. Be sure to get a validation sticker from the event host. Place that sticker on your valet card and give it back to the service.

18:00 Socializing, eating, and drinking
18:30 Announcements followed by presentations
20:00 Hard stop: adjourn to Brazenhead at 1027 West Fifth Avenue

711 N High St #800 · Columbus, OH