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What we’re about

Online Chakradance classes coming soon!

Chakradance™ Workshops are fun meditations that are deeply healing! You will do meditative movement, mandala art, have time to share with others and experience brief traditional meditations.  For ALL fitness and ability levels.  For ages 18-100!

The music resonates with the frequency of each of your seven chakras, the energy centers that integrate and regulate your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies. Experience your chakras as you enter into a dynamic moving meditation through spontaneous dance. Susan guides you with specific visualizations.  The movements are not scripted, as they become your self-expression.  As you do this, you discover a deeper connection to your authentic self, the unraveling of blocked energy and the feeling of coming home.

Susan facilitates Chakradance classes beginning with a journey of the chakras,  exploring each chakra in depth, then integrating the chakras .  Each dance gives rise to different insights and feelings.
Dive in and explore your inner world, free up your natural energy and  strengthen your sense of well-being.  Find meaning, let go, and have fun with Chakradance!  And experience all of this in a community of like-minded people!

Susan has an extensive background in psychotherapy and spiritual work. She is an Intuitive Healer, Reiki Master Teacher, Archangelic Light Master Practitioner & Teacher, Intuitive Life Coach, and Spiritual Teacher. (She is not working as a psychotherapist at this time.) Sessions and classes offer opportunities for emotional healing, new perspectives and the development of new tools to promote healing and assist with reaching goals. Susan is honored to offer Spiritual, energetic and intuitive guidance to assist people with promoting healing, decreasing stress and taking effective action in their lives. For more information, contact Susan at Visit for more information.