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DUES ARE $25 for 5 YEARS NOT annually for those on the pending membership list - no free trial periods after 10/1/18 for new or rejoining folks. [Best Read From Full desktop view] Read All Before Clicking Join]This group is for Heterosexual, Single, Fun, Professional, African-American, Women in the DC Area who enjoy life, aren’t uptight, are Young at Heart, and who have "Never" had children (Not for empty nesters, no kids have come out this passageway) . The second you legally say "I do" or you give birth you will no longer be in the group. It's not a mean thing - It's a beautiful thing especially if you keep in contact with the group after moving on to your NeXt Chapter. Another purpose of the group is to connect (and not disconnect) with people similar to you. If you give birth, adopted , or get a husband within the 1st 3yrs of paying dues for 5 years , you'll receive $10 back only after the joyous event happens. How to make dues payment will appear in inbox within 5 days for some.

THIS Group IS A ROLL CALL FOR WOMEN ONLY to meet other women at the same point in life. And, don't be Shy. There is always someone having their 1st meetup or two people who have been attending the meetups for years just meeting each other at a group's meetup for the 1st time. On a smaller scale, new friendship are formed everyday. The general age range of the group is old enough to have watched the original airing of the show "Good Times"

If you are at the point where you are sick and tired of people asking you about kids and/or marriage, then join this group and meet amazing people like yourself who can have fun whether kids are in the future or not.

Don't get it twisted, we do talk about relationships, marriage, kids, and health topic. But, it's different when the presenter and listener is just like you. Today, is the 1st day of the rest of your life so why not try something new or retry something old. If you start today, imagine what you can add to your chapter in a year.

STOP:Here just to add this group to your never ending meetups that you don’t attend, don’t stop exit this page NOW. Also keep it moving if your sole/main purpose in joining this group is to only promote your business. However, you can host while catering to the women as long as you describe your business in the invite so there are no surprises. This group puts a twist on your ordinary women's group while emphasizing real friendships are “built” in person and not behind a computer.

The $25 non-refundable membership contributions must be paid as a new "Chapter Next" member and is due every 5 years. Membership contributions go toward fees charged to the organizer by the companies Meetup.com, WePay, and PayPal. Please send your email address to the organizer to make payment only if you have blocked folks from sending you emails on Meetup. Look out for the Next Steps email once you submit your profile questions.

You Got All That!!! Now if you're here to build long-lasting friendships with folks in the DMV you have something in common with, keep reading otherwise Bye Bye. And if you are leaving, why don’t you start a meetup group to your liking….



The preference in the group is for never married ladies 45-60 with no kids but all types of naturally born female singles with no kids are welcome(Because some folks have been grandfathered in, the ages of the group varies). Just leave the drama at the door. “No Drama” means “No Bull S#|+” . Respectfully calling out B.S. is not drama but in this group the B.S. should be left at the door. The initial age preference is from current 40-46yrs "young" women being more likely to be more pressured by other folks to get expiring eggs fertilized ASAP (and that includes folks who said they were never having children but did. And don't forget people who ask when are you getting married and having kids in the middle of a non-related discussion; or make a non-related topic relate(i.e. u can't pick a flower pot just like u can't pick a mate to have babies with--WHAT???))

For those of a certain age that don’t feel society gives them a side eye for never getting married and having children, then those folks either need to get a little older or stop being delusional because society can drag a doctor into co-sign. Also although this needs to be forgotten, there is the stupid famous rapper who went to social media out the blue to diss all single women over 35 who have never been pregnant. Yes, society has idiots too. This group is perfect for young at heart folks whose biological clock is ticking loudly or childless women whose clock has stopped ticking altogether.

Along with leaving the Drama at the door, leave the “Woe Is Me”, " Group-Think", and Fakeness at the door because we are individuals and here to have FUN (Ok you can keep the weaves and nails). So there is no confusion, women in relationships are welcome as long as the IRS thinks you are single. We like men and there is an assumption we are not Asexual whether folks are saving themselves or not. The more events that include single men the merrier the group will be. Note: This group is a Ladies Only Group for women who were Born Females. The single women and no kids group is also about the biological factors of not being a mother.

If you are looking for total avoidance of children talk, that isn’t happening here as some folks have eggs ready to go or considering other options but discussions are more of 40 year olds’ hope and a prayer than spring chickens with twinkles in the eyes. Note in the group you will more likely be exposed to dating talk than children talk. And to repeat, Check the woe is me at the door. The Organizer feels everyone should be doing cartwheels and be happy regardless of where you. Note: the Organizer has no idea how to do a cartwheel.

• What does this group have to offer that other groups don't? All single ladies without kids going through your same childfree journey. As the group members of the group get older so will its new members because the minimum age for the group increases each year around November.

• Always remember, this group was created for you to get out and socialize with women with no children. We all have different interests from happy hours, travel, single events, dating and relationship discussions, brunch, night outs to church functions and it will be great to do those things with a sisterhood who understands your story as well as you understanding ours.

• This group is your group and needs you to make it a success. Feel free to suggest things to do or decide to be an event host. This group will have our own events for our bonding time and we will also do clearly identified Joint Group Meetups with “Get Up, Move, and Explore the DMV (https://www.meetup.com/MoveGumE/)” to be more active. “Get Up, Move, and Explore the DMV (https://www.meetup.com/MoveGumE/)” (clickable link) is open to all. Both groups ask for you to be courteous of other people’s time planning and showing up to events by not having no-shows or last minute cancellations.

• We may want children in the future, have made the choice to never have children, or the possibility to have children has passed us by. Only God holds our true destiny in regards to giving birth, adopting children, or getting married but until then join us as we discover common interest, build friendships, and discover things to do in The DMV.

• Being without children does not define your life. It is just one attribute of many attributes that makes you who you are. Your ability to turn the next page to reveal the next chapter in your life is aided by your efforts.

So, join us as we help you write your page or turn the next page while having FUN.

Make sure you take our "Poll" so we know what meetups are convenient for you.


While you wait for your acceptance check out one of our favorite video that says Women who don’t have kids due to circumstances Rock!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvXScNU6GAM

And this CNN article with included videos that says women who don’t have kids by choice aren’t cat ladies http://www.cnn.com//2014/06/05/living/childless-women-misperceptions/index.html (http://www.cnn.com/2014/06/05/living/childless-women-misperceptions/index.html) (features a MD local). One of the videos are below

So never married women who have never had kids over the age of 43, this is a roll call for childfree (by choice) an childless (by circumstances) women to show the World you are here and having fun and still embrace your married sisters with kids.

If you're a man and read to the end and wished there was a male version of the group, you're in luck click HERE (https://www.meetup.com/MENofSWOK/) If you'd like to continue reading about women, here is an article to clear up misconceptions about single black women http://madamenoire.com/182454/uh-somebody-lied-to-you-8-misconceptions-about-single-black-women/1/


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