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ChiTownBio is dedicated to putting the knowledge, skills, and tools of biotechnology into the hands of all Chicagoans who want to explore the living world and use it to benefit our community.

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ChiTownBio at Podcast Brunch Club

The Red Lion Pub

ChiTownBio is excited to be participating in this month's Podcast Brunch Club meeting in Chicago. Podcast Brunch Club is like book club, but for podcasts. It's a global group with local chapters and Chicago is one of those chapters. Every month, the global community will listen to a thematic playlist and then meet to discuss it. This month the theme is Citizen Science. You can find the listening list here: https://podcastbrunchclub.com/citizen-science/. Listen to as much as you can, but don't worry if you can't listen to all of it. We'll have the opportunity to present a little about ChiTownBio in the beginning of the meeting and the rest of the time we'll participate in the larger discussion about the citizen science playlist. We hope to address some of the questions and concerns that people have about citizen science and to share more about our experience in the DIY Bio community. Podcast Brunch Club meetings are informal gatherings and a way for people to meet, learn, and engage with others. Brunch is not provided, but the restaurant will split the bill for each person. For more information on the Podcast Brunch Club in Chicago: https://podcastbrunchclub.com/chicago/ For more information about how the brunch will work: https://podcastbrunchclub.com/how-it-works/ For the E-vite from PBC: https://www.evite.com/event/035C2P5TDDOXMA35EEPJFGDY77DULY/

Bio-Punk Book Club presents Dawn by Octavia Butler

Harold Washington Library

Come join up with ChiTownBio as we discuss Octavia Butler's Dawn. Dawn, the first in a series of books by Butler, presents a future where the human race is rescued by aliens through means of bio-medicine and bio-engineering. As a biotechnology driven organization, we want to sort out what's possible, what's fantastical, what can inspire new reality based discoveries, and how we can allay the fears that are exposed by this work of speculative fiction.


The Empirical Taproom

We've talked about fermented foods, but we'd love to dive deep into the biology of kombucha, everyone's favorite fermented fad. What is the drink? How can you start growing it at home? What is a SCOBY? What makes up the SCOBY? Can we examine the organisms there on a petri dish? What can we make or build with the SCOBY itself? What can we build in terms of art or fashion? Let's really dive into the biology! We'll provide some starters and some equipment for our first few guests who are interested in trying to brew their own kombucha at home. We'll have some samples, but we encourage people to instead take advantage of the drink specials provided by our hosts, the Empirical Brewery Taproom. Come, enjoy some great conversation, explore the biology of a strange and wonderful food, and have a great time with us!

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Biotech Book Club: What's your Bio Strategy?

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