Pre-R/Finance: Talks and an Open Mic!

The Chicago R User Group (CRUG)
The Chicago R User Group (CRUG)
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A night of talks from developers and users of the R Statistical Programming language – including potentially you! Food and drink, of various options will be provided by IBM. Doors open at 5:00 and we'll start building the speaker queue to get started at 5:30ish.

UPDATE: We have a few early submissions already!
- "R for Explainable Stock Price Predictions”, by Sou-Cheng Terrya Choi, PhD.
- "James-Stein Estimation - An Unexpected Fact: Some R, some Stats, and some Finance", by Adam Ginensky, PhD.
-"Try BLIS: Benchmarking competing Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms", by Justin Shea
- And more!

We will have a laptop and projector so you can bring slides rendered on .html or pdf, or even publish on Or, bring your own laptop, but compatibility beyond HDMI might be an issue so message us if your planning on doing so. Examples of topics to talk about: single functions you find useful, statistical methods, a live coding exercise, infrastructure, productivity tips, R coding philosophy, hardware choices, and more! Peripheral topics such as DB applications and other languages welcome too.

R/Finance was born out of similar open source conversations 11 years ago, whose founders would go on to create some of the most used R packages in existence. But the way some tell it, it was first about collaboration among open source folks in an informal setting!