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ChicagoRuby is a group of Ruby on Rails enthusiasts with events in Chicago and in the surrounding suburbs. WindyCityRails (http://windycityrails.com) is Chicago's annual Ruby on Rails conference. Watch the latest WindyCityRails videos (https://www.windycityrails.com/videos/). If you're curious about the Internet of Things in Chicago (http://windycitythings.com), check out WindyCityThings (http://windycitythings.com). ChicagoRuby also collaborates with LinuxBarbados (http://linuxbarbados.org) in the beautiful Caribbean nation of Barbados.

Did you miss a monthly meeting? ChicagoRuby's collection of Ruby on Rails videos (http://chicagoruby.org/videos/) may prove helpful.

The ChicagoRuby (http://chicagoruby.org) motto: When smart people challenge each other to grow, great things happen!

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ChicagoRuby Online w/ Joel Hawksley: ViewComponents in the Real World

This event has passed

ChicagoRuby Online w/ Jamie Gaskins: Hotwire Demystified

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