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This group is for Tai-Chi practitioners to meet other people to share their experiences and practice together. You are also welcome to join us if you would like to learn T'ai chi ch'uan (sometimes spelled as Taijiquan but commonly shortened as Tai Chi). We do not charge any fees nor we provide any formal instructions (unless some of our members are occasionally willing to work with beginners), but you are welcome to join us and follow along while we practice to learn it.

TaiChi is a practice that cultivates balance and harmony which are both essential for our well being regardless if it's internally (health & longevity) or externally (sustainability & eco-living).

We are doing a long TaiChi Chuan Yang form. You are welcome to join practicing it or practice your form (Tai-Chi Chen-style, Tai-Chi Wu-style, Tai-Chi Sun-style, Tai-Chi Yang-style short form, etc.)

The focus of our practice is on health, flexibility, balance, meditation, and only after that on Martial Art applications.

This group is for the entire Chicago-land but we currently meet in West suburbs. If you are interested to host/organize an event in your area please feel free to contact us so we could help you to organize it.

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Saturday Morning Tai-Chi Practice in Fullersburg Woods

Fullersburg Woods Nature Education Center

Saturday Morning Tai-Chi Practice in Lyman Woods

Lyman Woods

Sunday Morning Tai-Chi Practice

Lyman Woods

Saturday Morning Tai-Chi Practice

Lyman Woods

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