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What we’re about

If you like Chinese food you know that the only way to enjoy Chinese food is "Family Style"! We will find good, tasty places in Chinatown, both Oakland and San Francisco. The cost is usually about $20-25 per person including tax and tips (plus any drinks you may order). We strive to support local hole-in-the-wall places and the smaller mom and pops. Everyone gets to order at least one item and I will try to round out the order to balance out the meal. Sorry, no lone wolf (separate checks), as we are trying to keep it simple, stupid and make it easier for the waitstaff. Bring cash -- credit cards get complicated. <br>

Any Chinese / Cantonese speakers are strongly encouraged to join mainly because my own language skills leave much to be desired. You can teach me a few more words!

Decorum - basically there is none. We want you to have fun and be relaxed - life is stressful enough as it is. Sit with people you like and don't sit with the people you like because sometimes it is more fun to meet a new friend! I didn't realize until recently that I needed to says this but I have had more than a few people ask if I can join even if they were not Chinese.... argh, yes, of course! This is about eating Chinese food - not being Chinese. It's not even only Chinese food anymore, we have expanded a number of times to other cuisines.

Important Policy on No Shows - basically there is none. I intentionally want to make this a casual, relaxed group. We understand that people have their owns lives to live. You can get pulled into work, land a free ticket to a ballgame or even better land a hot date - we get it. Of course, we encourage you to update your RSVP status if you can't make it and if you forget we won't make you swallow a scorpion as atonement but we will make you tell us about the hot date.

Stuff I learned being a host and are not afraid to share - being a host can be lots of fun but can be stressful. Here are some stressors and remedies for each.

1. You booked a restaurant that is fancy and enforce strict reservation policies and you have large amounts of no-shows and the restaurant insist that the group pays for the number of heads on the reservation.

First thing is generally to avoid booking at fancy, expensive places. Part of the Chinatown Supper Club's DNA is to support smaller, divey mom and pops who are grateful and happy to have our business and don't enforce a strict reservation policy. If you want to have a fancy dinner at a nicer place, I suggest another platform such as Melissa charges a $5 per person fee and keeps the group size to 6 people and generally charging a fee eliminates the no-show issue.

2. You booked a restaurant that is closed or unavailable and you realize it 5 minutes before the start of the event.

Don't panic! Casually pick another restaurant nearby (walking distance), make a new reservation and post the new location on Meetup and wait in front of the original restaurant to redirect folks to the new place.