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This is a group for those interested in learning or improving the reading ability of Mandarin, with a secondary objective of learning or improving in Pinyin. It is presumed you have an ability in spoken mandarin and we do social chat in Mandarin during lunch.

All skill levels in reading Mandarin are also welcome. However, it is assumed you can speak some mandarin since our focus is to learn to read characters and improve on our ability to do that for those who can't read or need improvement. Our secondary focus is to learn or improve our pinyin ability.

The knowledge level of Mandarin used in sentences and words for reading would be the most frequently used 400 - 800 characters for the beginning-intermediate level. Our current meetup target goal is to be able to read 800 characters (without the use of pinyin) within 6 months to a year through practice. This is not a meetup for conversation practice but for reading practice.

We will meet about once a week to have a short intensive Mandarin reading practice and for some food or beverage afterward.

If your goal is to be able to read Chinese mandarin characters, and you are willing to do the work with fellow enthusiasts, then this might be a good group to explore.

We welcome anyone who shares the same focus of learning, sharing, assisting in reading.

The group's main objective is in reading Chinese characters and not speaking Chinese. If you want to learn to speak better Chinese, this is not the right meetup for that at this time. The other meetup that focus on spoken Chinese is more appropriate for you. At this time, the goal of this group is to improve reading. Although we use pin yin to help us achieve our objective of recognizing Chinese characters, our objective is to learn to read without it.

Thank you for visiting and considering this group. We hope to see you soon at one of our events.

Mutual respect is important in this group and it is required to stay in this group.

Thank You for joining this group hope to see you come to an event soon.

Management reserves all rights.

i.e. Mangement reserves the right to remove you from this group at any time and without notice.

i.e. Management reserves the right to change anything related to this group at any time and without notice.


During all events and activities, Members are responsible for themselves. The Organizer and Assistant Organizers/ Event Host are not responsible for the safety of the participants. The Organizer and Assistant Organizers/ Event Host are not responsible or liable if something happens to you. This meetup is open to the public, therefore each member must use their own judgement about other members and events and activities. No one is forced to join and or participate in any activity. It is all based on your own decision and you take full responsibility for yourself. You can refuse to participate in any event, or any activity at any time for any reason. By joining the group, you acknowledge and agree to this.

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