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2-Part Video Lecture: Applications of Warped Spacetime + Space, Time, and Light
Greetings Fellow Cosmonauts! In keeping with the relativity theme we've been on for the past few weeks, this Wednesday we will be hosting another 2-part lecture viewing following by a discussion period. Lecture #1 will review some of the practical applications of the general and special theories of relativity and ways in which scientists use them today - including gravitational lensing, which there were some unanswered questions about during last week's discussion period. Lecture #2 will be more of an overview of the theories of special and general relativity, accompanied by some excellent visuals and a more in depth discussion of the history of this idea and it's development than anything we've seen so far. These lectures aren't quite as flashy as some of the films we usually watch at CotC, but they are SUPER informative and the instructor does an excellent job of breaking down ideas in a way that is digestible without oversimplifying them. I really, really think you'll like these. A description of the lectures is below: Lecture #1: Warping of Space and TIme (2003, 31 min) "This lecture explores observational tests of general relativity. Astronomers exploit its effects by searching for distant objects that are gravitationally lensed, which occurs when an object's light is bent and focused by foreground masses such as galaxy clusters." Lecture #2: Einstein Unifies Space, Time, and Light (2016, 30 min) "Trace the reasoning that led Einstein to his special theory of relativity, proposed in 1905. Address common misconceptions about this startling new view of time and space, which led to ideas such as mass-energy equivalence, the impossibility of faster-than-light travel, and the space-time continuum." Don't worry if you don't know anything about this subject matter. No prior understanding of relativity, gravity, or physics in general is required to appreciate the film and to participate in the discussion period. This is a safe-space for science. Now for some administrative details.... The space will be open for beverages and general schmoozing as early as 7:45PM. The viewing will start promptly at 8:25PM. As usual, BYOB. +1's welcome (& encouraged!). Oh, and this is a pet friendly space. My dog is kind of an asshole, so I keep her at home, but if your pet is chill, feel free to bring 'em along! There is a suggested donation of $2 which helps pay for the venue at Industry Lab. You can donate through the following methods: Venmo: @reece-daniel Paypal: cash: donation cup at event You can also donate through, but they take a 17% cut!! Looking forward to seeing everyone Wednesday! Regards, Reece Curator, Church of the Cosmos City Organizer, Meetup-Boston

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