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What we’re about

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for checking out Church of the Cosmos!

We are a group of individuals dedicated to understanding the true story of who we are, where we came from, and what it means to be a human in the cosmos.  The story of the cosmos is the story of us. It's your story, and you have a right to know it. 

This is a Meetup Group for people that want to:

A) learn more about the cosmos and its creations

B) give back to their communities in a meaningful, secular way

C) gather together to show appreciation and gratitude for the many gifts that we receive from the Cosmos

D) express their appreciation for the universe and for life without subscribing to any god mythologies

This story is just beginning. I need you to help me write it.

Please do not hesitate to message me directly if you have any questions/comments about the group. I'm always looking for ways to improve our meetups. 



Founder, Church of the Cosmos

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