The Higgs Boson and Beyond - Lectures 11 & 12: Screening + Discussion

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Industry Lab

288 Norfolk Street · Cambridge, MA

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The entrance is through the loading dock in the back of the building (see image below). There will be signs posted by 7:30PM that night.

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Greetings Fellow Cosmonauts!

Please join us this Wednesday (6/5) as we finish our 6-week screening + discussion of the lecture series "The Higgs Boson and Beyond." This series has introduced us to the Higgs Boson, the importance of its discovery, and how it fits into the standard model of atomic theory and the universe. We'll be wrapping up our series this Wednesday with two lectures focused on the impact of the Higgs Boson on the Standard Model of Particle Physics and the possible link between the Higgs and Dark Energy. A description of lectures #11 & 12 is below:

Lecture #11: Beyond the Standard Model of Particle Physics (2015, 32 min)

"Now that the Higgs boson has been found, everything is answered, right? Not quite. Professor Carroll says the properties of the Higgs suggest that something else is at work out there. Moreover, the Higgs boson can be a stepping-stone to our exploration of dark matter, extra dimensions, the asymmetry of matter and antimatter, and a Grand Unified Theory of particle physics."

Lecture #12: Frontiers—Higgs in Space (2015, 31 min)

"The Standard Model explains the forces and molecules that comprise us and everything with which we interact. But even with the Higgs, we can’t explain the stuff that makes up 95% of the universe: dark matter and dark energy. In his conclusion, Professor Carroll shines a light on dark matter, its relationship with the Higgs, and the wonderful mysteries still ahead."

Don't worry if you don't know anything about this subject. No prior understanding of subatomic particles, Higgs Bosons, Dark Energy, relativity, or mathematics is required to appreciate this series and to participate in the discussion period. This is a safe-space for science and for humans who want to talk about science freely.

Now for some administrative details....

The space will be open for beverages and general schmoozing as early as 7:45PM. The viewing will start promptly at 8:25PM.

As usual, BYOB. +1's welcome (& encouraged!). Oh, and this is a pet friendly space. My dog is kind of an asshole, so I keep her at home, but if your pet is chill, feel free to bring 'em along!

There is a suggested donation of $2 which helps pay for the venue at Industry Lab. You can donate through the following methods:

Venmo: @reece-daniel


cash: donation cup at event

You can also donate through, but they take a 17% cut!!

Looking forward to seeing everyone Wednesday!


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