D&D 5e - The Fated of Kyme: The Writ of Ruin Campaign

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Your story will be taking place on Kyme, a world scarred by the wars of the past, sundered by elemental power to stop the conflict that would have led to the extinction of all. A peace has endured near 300 years after the War of Extinction due to the efforts of the Arkyme Council to serve as keepers of Kyme's ancient lore and knowledge and to act as guardians against threats of the past, present and those yet to come.

Under this peace a new age of restoration has been fostered and you are but one of many that now seek to explore, combat, and interact with places and peoples long cut off from each other the world over. Will you take up sword and spell to discover your fate and the fate of this world?

The Campaign
• The campaign setting is dark high fantasy, with a balance of realism and levity.
• Races for the campaign have been homebrewed to fit thematically and provide gothic variants for the races which you can find on the site: https://sites.google.com/site/thefatedofkyme/character-creation/races-of-kyme
• You are welcome to utilize the classes from D&D 5e Books or Unearthed Arcana or any Homebrew, I am willing to review.
• We will use the standard array or point buy for character creation.
• Hit points will be determined by the average for the class.
• We will start at level 11.
• Please contact your DM Braden Swayne on Meetup, Facebook, or by email with any questions or to discuss character creation and backstory.

Things To Bring if you have them. If not all materials will be provided!

• Pencils

• Paper

• Dice

• Imagination

• Feedback (https://bit.ly/2ElXyiw)

As with all our games, No Experience Necessary!