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Project Illumination is a two-part program created to help you grow, heal, and feel empowered in a support circle where we are all connected.

The Circle of Illumination is an on-going, monthly endeavour that welcomes you to a night of group meditation and chanting to purify your energy and receive messages from the divine to guide you in your spiritual journey.
Project Illumination Workshop is a one-day boot-camp filled with mini activities that explores topics such as self-exploration, emotional healing, empowerment, and manifestation.

All curious souls and wayfarers on the spiritual journeys welcome!

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Centering with Zen and Mindfulness

Online event

Zen, or Tranquility, is often described as the gateway to wisdom by both philosophers of the East and the West. The concept of Zen originates from Buddhism. In Buddhism, the practising Zen allows a person (a) grounds one's spirit; (b) quiets one's mind; (c) gains a peaceful mind; (d) allows deep thinking; and (e) acquires great wisdom. In this workshop, we focus on the various general practices of Zen, and not the religious aspect Zen. Meanwhile, this workshop will explore the idea of mindfulness, a process of bringing one's focus to the present moment while acknowledging and accepting one's emotional, spiritual and physical states. This workshop is great for people who are interested in a) starting or deepening their meditation/Zen practice; b) learning about the meaning behind the various Zen techniques; c) sharing ideas on how they could integrate meditation/Zen practice into their daily life. Les Secrets has been working hard on exploring this topic, and we can't to share these new ideas with you! Of course, there are tons of other speakers available online. Feel free to explore on your own and share your findings with the group!

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New Year Manifestation [online, ticketed event]

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