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Project Illumination is a two-part program created to help you grow, heal, and feel empowered in a support circle where we are all connected.
Circle of Illumination includes ongoing, bi-weekly endeavours that welcome participants to find support in the area of their interest.
Project Illumination Workshop is a one-day boot camp filled with mini activities that explore topics such as self-exploration, emotional healing, empowerment, and manifestation.
All curious souls and wayfarers on the spiritual journeys welcome!

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Law of Attraction Lab

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Are you ready to manifest things you want into your life?

You watched the movie The Secrets.
You heard famous people like Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, Gabrielle Berstein, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jim Carrey talk about their Law of Attraction stories.
And they all said that EVERYONE CAN MANIFEST.

But HOW?

Like many other famous LoA practitioners said, our minds and the words we use set the foundations of our life! Hence, we need an accountability partner to spot-check our minds and words, who will make sure no old habits creep back into our lives.
We also need a space to meet with similar-minded people who cheer for our hard work and celebrate our achievements. No matter how big or small these achievements are.

This circle is for anyone who wants to connect more with like-minded Law of Attraction practitioners.

A safe, authentic, supportive environment for LoA practitioners to meet bi-weekly in a non-judgemental space. Everyone will have the opportunity to share their stories and thoughts. If the group gets too big, we will break into smaller groups.

About Your Host, Anna Chen:
Anna is a business consultant, coach, musician and spiritual guide. She is passionate about guiding people to earn more money effortlessly just the way they are.

She believes we can all build a successful life and get recognized for the value we contributed to the world by following our authentic selves and the appropriate strategies.

“We are all forging a diamond within, with our fiery passion, sweat, tear and the pressure of life.”

Anna holds spaces allowing people on various paths to share their ideas and stories and support each other in life.
Through the Law of Attraction Lab, Anna helps people explore their Law of Attraction-oriented mindset and beliefs and take actions toward the life they want.

[This event is held by two Meetup Groups: Circle of Illumination and LoA Players]

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Law of Attraction Lab

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