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What we’re about

We live in a town where there are too many clean metal boxes with clean rubbers and shiny new 4x4 stickers on them. It's time to let those metal boxes get dirty once in a while and see what they were built for in the first place.
For those who dislike metaphors, here is the blunt approach: Bring your rig, truck, Jeep, Hummer, Range Rover, X5, Cayenne, Q7, and other so-called SUV / SAV and put its abilities to the test once in a while.
We invite those of you who want to find out what this or that button on your dashboard will do, and see the amazing reasons why you bought the car you didn't even know about.
You, your friends, and family members are all welcome to join and explore the little wild side in everyone of us. We guaranty you'll be hooked !
People who would like to join do not need to have a 4 wheel drive or SUV/SAV.
In the meantime, if you love off-roading, check out our merch store and let the fun begin right away. We have tons of new designs dropping all the time to get your adventure started right now.
So that's it. Adventure awaits !