What we're about

This meetup is for women to share and discuss health goals, concerns and deficits,
so they can claim their health and own their personal power in a safe, trauma-informed and transformational environment. We will explore well-rounded nutritional approaches to healthy eating and healthy living, as well as the food-mood connection and understand how emotions and unresolved grievances impact a person's mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. A place for women to discuss sensitive health conditions and recovery from illnesses to learn, grow and heal together.

This meet up will offer simple solutions to better health, tools, and practices to make progress towards developing healthy living habits.

You can expect to hear from integrative health experts and speakers including mindset coaches, yoga and mind-body wellness professionals.

What We Do:

• Unlock, discover and overcome the unresolved anxiety and fear that is holding you back
• Claim your health
• Healthy eating and living accountability
• Encourage and empower clean eating
• Examine food-mood connection
• Detox and digestive health
• Understand emotions and food cravings
• Gain self-confidence and personal power
• Freedom from the past
• Simple solutions to better health
• Weight management
• Increase energy
• Freedom from suffering

Meet Tara Zelmer, Healthy Living Advocate and Integrative Nutrition Coach, Yoga for Wellness, and CEO & Founder of Health Solutions Partners Inc.

Her mission is to empower people to achieve optimal health and lifestyle happiness through exploring how food choices impact mood and behavior and how to use food to discover and heal any underlying illness or conditions. It was this time in her life where Tara was at the highest peak of her career, combining her love for serving people, God, her life’s purpose and a passion for health, when she and her family suffered the tragic loss of her brother, Gregory who died from a heroin overdose at the age of 25 years old. The road to healing from grief and loss since 2015 and exploring how her unresolved grief had been impacting her own health, with the loss of her father back in 2001, Tara realized that her emotions, grief and her health had to be a priority to heal and to help others to do the same.

Today, Tara’s mission is bigger than ever, empowering women to heal from unresolved loss, grief and trauma to bounce back, own their power and claim their health, so they can live and love again, impacting their lives and the lives of those around them, to end generational grievances.

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