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Cleveland Python User Group Meeting
Our February Meetup will feature a preview of some of our local community members' PyTennessee Tutorial. Remaining time will be spent workshopping the new or your own work. Bring something you're working on, or a laptop computer! Featured Content: # Workflow Engines Up and Running - Ian Zelikman, Austin Hacker Join us for an introduction hands on tutorial of Python based workflow engines. You will get to create, run and monitor a real time workflow example with two Python based popular workflow engines: Airflow and Luigi. ## Abstract A workflow engine is a tool that lets you create, run and monitor DAGs (Directed Acyclic Graphs), where each node is a task to process data. This tutorial is meant for developers that may have had some initial experience building DAGs with the Python based workflow engines and would like more in depth tutorial on the subject or developers that are completely new to using these tools. ## Outline: - Introduction to both Airflow and Luigi. Origins of these tools and which use cases are applicable to each. - Setting up your basic engine and running an example that is provided. - Getting familiar with the UI of the tool and limitations that each UI has. - Building a basic DAG with just one task. - Expanding the DAG to a more complex case with multiple tasks and tasks that run in parallel. - Handling errors in DAG run. - Testing your DAG. - Approaches to deploy your DAGs code.

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