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Interested in Real Estate Investing, but unsure where to start? Let's get together and learn Real Estate Investing. This group is meant to expose potential investor to a wide curriculum of activities and begin networking as friends.

Here you have the opportunity to meet and join like-minded entrepreneurs and investors doing Real Estate Deals. We offer several house tours each month for you to examine and learn how we do a flip, come as often as you like, there is no charge, learn where we found the property, how we funded the deal, see how we decided on the exit strategy and what the projected profit will be. All are welcome to come.

We are part of a local group of like-minded people investing in Real Estate and willing to help others do the same. You can learn about fix and flip, buy and hold, multi-family, commercial property, raw-land development, and more.

Come and network with wholesaler, landlords, real estate investor, agents, lenders, brokers, money partner, joint ventures partners, business owners and entrepreneurs.

If you can not come to our event, join our Online event.

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How to Start Real Estate Investing ONLINE

please send text CL WEBINAR to (513) 715 - 8945 for details

If you are interested in attending click the going button. Then, please text the word CL WEBINAR to[masked] and we'll send you the link to join the ZOOM meeting. Do you want to learn strategies in real estate investing? We will explain to you about our local and nationwide community as well as the similar education we have. We are looking for those who want to learn to be investors and build wealth with Real Estate. We invest locally, as well as nationwide. We as a community are here to walk you through the steps, from student to real estate investor by providing you tools to understand how to build your own real estate investment portfolio. This is a great chance to learn how to get started in real estate investing regardless of your situation. Meet and network with other real estate investors and real estate professionals in your area who are currently buying and selling real estate. Find out how they got started. Learn how to replicate our success by learning our systems flipping real estate with no money out of pocket strategies and how you can invest successfully with little to no experience. See how we are changing lives in our community by building long term wealth through investing and tax strategies. Learn about the five pillars of wealth so you can build your foundation of success. We will introduce you to the education that all our team members learn and utilize. You can learn how to: - Earn passive income by investing wisely in real estate - Control your time, finances, and future - Do real estate deals that do not require your own money or credit Some of the classes offered are: Fix & Flip, Short Term Rentals (Airbnb, VRBO, etc), Commercial, Multi-Family, Seller Financed Notes, Land Development, Lease Option, Subject To, Raising Private Money & Partnership, Short Sales, Tax Liens & Deeds, Cost Segregation, 1031 exchanges, Auction, Contracts. You will need a Zoom account to attend the event. Text CL WEBINAR to[masked] to complete registration

Wholesaling WORKSHOP

please send text CL WORKSHOP to (513) 715 - 8945 for details

This Workshop will cost you $20 Late registration $50 This is a live streaming event. You have to have zoom acc to participate in this event. Basic of Wholesaling Real Estate - Find a great deal on a property - Find a buyer for the property - Assign the contract to the buyer - The wholesaler keeps the difference between the two price The process to complete a wholesale deal can seem complicated, but it is simple once you figure out how all the moving parts work and have the right people helping. Come to our workshop and learn how to do it the right way. Whether a novice investor or a seasoned real estate professional, learn how to make the most of every single lead and potential property. When the numbers or property don’t seem to work for you, it doesn’t mean they can’t work for a different investor. Through a disciplined analysis of the potential investment property and the resources that are currently available to you as the investor, you will learn how to decide “Deal” or “No Deal”. Learn how to find and evaluate deals, put the properties under contract, and then sell your position, as the investor, to a third party. Real property wholesaling master Chris Wilson teaches the fundamentals of this paramount investment strategy. Identify the key requirements in a successful wholesale deal while learning the strengths and weaknesses of your own investment machine. Determine the preferred wholesale acquisition timeline and process, outline some of today’s legal issues, and create a property checklist that illustrates potential profit. Then decide if you should complete the project yourself or find a fast payday without ever owning the property or swinging a hammer. If you are interested in attending, please send text CL WORKSHOP to (513) 715 - 8945 for details Don't forget to visit our Facebook page: Graceland Investment Group https://www.facebook.com/gracelandinvestment

Women Networking event ONLINE

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If you are interested in attending click the going button. Then, please text the word WOMEN to[masked] and we'll send you the link to join the ZOOM meeting. Calling all Women who Interested and Motivated Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Startup Businesses Owners, anyone interested in Fixing and Flipping houses, or anyone in real estate, as an investor or agent. Whether you're a seasoned investor or brand new and want to hang out with like-minded individuals to discuss real estate techniques that may help you achieve or accomplish and grow your real estate business, come to interact and build connections with our group! You'll meet real estate investors all across the country to see what's going on in their market. Ladies, bring your little one online and show the world that you can do real estate and you can look after your kids at the same time. If you are a grandma, please share with us your experience in real estate while helping your kids look after their little ones. We will also share our story about how we can grow as a community that supports each other. Looking forward to meeting you all soon... You will need a Zoom account to attend the event. Text WOMEN to[masked] to complete registration

Deal or No Deal ONLINE

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If you are interested in attending click the going button. Then, please text the word DEAL to[masked] and we'll send you the location details. Have you ever dreamed of doing your own project, but lacked the knowledge? Bring your potential deals to have us review and analyze them to help you determine if it's a "DEAL OR NO DEAL". Bring friends to learn how we break down deals from community members. Come learn from real investors so you can start soon! You can relax at your home and participate to get the knowledge you need! Sounds like a DEAL? You will need a Zoom account to attend the event. Text DEAL to[masked] to complete registration.

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Cashflow Game Online

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