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This group is for Product enthusiasts involved with designing, building, and marketing cool technical products in Northeast Ohio. Everyone is invited, from VPs of Product to Product Managers to UX Designers, those without a Product role but who are interested in learning about Product Management, and anyone in between! All we ask is you bring your passion and enthusiasm!

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How being Acquired Changed our Implementation of Agile

An acquisition fundamentally changes how all areas of an organization function, and Product areas are no exception. Rachita Singh, Product Owner at Assurant Labs, was part of a startup company that implemented Agile principles to build products, measure impact, and learn through quick iterations. Since being acquired, her organization has encountered challenges to maintain speed-to-market and innovation, so Rachita will share how her organization has adapted to change, what lessons they have learned, and what work still remains.

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Product Management - Not just for Software Anymore

The Genesis Building

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