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"R is a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics" - The R Project

This group is designed for novice to expert R users to share tips, ideas, and experiences. Meetings will be designed to learn and challenge. A typical meetup will consist of brief socializing and a presentation. Added entertainment may consist of members discussing uncommon (but effective) uses for R, fun applications they've created, various competitions, etc.

Speakers and sponsors are welcome.

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Yixuan Qiu: Prettier R Graphs and Documents with {showtext}+{prettydoc}

Prettier R Graphs and Documents with {showtext}+{prettydoc} Description: In this talk I will introduce two R packages that aim at making your plots and R Markdown documents prettier. First, the {showtext} package makes it easy to use your favorite fonts in R plots with virtually any graphics device. The function interface is device-independent, and fonts can either come from a local machine or from an online repository such as Google Fonts. In the second part, I will introduce the {prettydoc} package that provides a number of alternative themes for R Markdown documents. They are designed to be good-looking yet small in size. There are also some unique features of {prettydoc} such as code highlighting options and offline math expressions. At the end of the talk, I will mention how to extend the two packages to fit your own need, for example creating a font package, or adding a new theme for {prettydoc}. Bio: Yixuan Qiu is an assistant professor in the School of Statistics and Management at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE). His research interests include statistical computing, deep learning models, and data visualization. Yixuan is an active software developer in the R community, and has authored and maintained many popular packages including RSpectra, RcppNumerical, recosystem, showtext, and prettydoc. Before joining SUFE, he worked as a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Statistics and Data Science at Carnegie Mellon University. He obtained his PhD in statistics from Purdue University in 2018. Note: this talk will be recorded and posted on our YouTube channel.

Virtual R Café

Online event

This is a chance to hang out with other R coders for a bit. It will be informal with no set topic. Bring something to work on and feel free to share or ask questions if want.

Evan Tachovsky: Maps of Cleveland

Online event

Evan Tachovsky is data scientist, cartographer, and a product of Northeast Ohio. He is going to share how he used R to create the maps for the book "Cleveland in 50 Maps" from Belt Publishing. Talk Summary: - A gentle introduction to spatial analysis in R using sf and the tidyverse. - Exploring a bit of the data scraping and munging required to build the datasets. - Producing publication quality maps with R and things to think about when collaborating with designers. https://beltpublishing.com/products/cleveland-in-50-maps Note: this talk will be recorded and posted on our YouTube channel.

Max Kuhn on TidyModels

Online event

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Virtual R Café

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