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"R is a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics" - The R Project

This group is designed for novice to expert R users to share tips, ideas, and experiences. Meetings will be designed to learn and challenge. A typical meetup will consist of brief socializing and a presentation. Added entertainment may consist of members discussing uncommon (but effective) uses for R, fun applications they've created, various competitions, etc.

Speakers and sponsors are welcome.

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This is a chance to hang out with other R coders for a bit. It will be informal with no set topic. Bring something to work on and feel free to share or ask questions if want.

Liz Nelson: Production R Shiny Made Easy-- the Golem Framework

R Shiny has made web app development for data science approachable and increasingly popular. The Golem package provides a framework and tools to make producing replicable, production R Shiny applications easier than ever. Come learn about the Golem package and how to get your own production-quality Shiny app up and running. Liz Nelson is a data scientist and developer currently getting her Masters in computer science and public policy at U Chicago. She has a passion for civic tech and improving government services with ethical and collaborative application of technology.

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Virtual R Café

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