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Climate Tech Entrepreneurs Show & Tell

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Climate Tech Entrepreneurs Show & Tell


In tandem with the Global Climate Action Summit, Manylabs and Y Combinator, with support from Open NanoCarbon, are pleased to present:

Climate Tech Entrepreneurs Show & Tell

The Bay Area is home to countless innovators tackling our planet's greatest challenges. And during this week, thousands of attendees from around the world will be coming to San Francisco for the Global Climate Action Summit to share their own research and solutions. This Show & Tell will expose some of those local and visiting technologists and entrepreneurs tackling climate change mitigation from the bleeding edge of innovation...

Please arrive between 6:30pm and 6:50pm. Presentations will begin at precisely 7:00pm, with networking continuing after the talks conclude.


  • Open NanoCarbon (Open hardware to solidify captured carbon)
  • Air Mine (Consumer products from direct air captured CO2)
  • Trash to Cash (Converting waste carbon dioxide to liquid fuels and activated carbon and biochar)
  • Strong Atomics (Fusion)
  • Saving the Alaskan Permafrost (Mitigating concentrated methane releases)
  • Leaving Trees in the Ground (Making wood with CO2 negative plant fibers)
  • Biomimicry in architecture (Construction industries' impact on global warming and climate changes)
  • Sustainable Ocean Solutions (Marine permaculture)
  • The Corporate Gigaton Challenge (A new financing method for CO2 removal)
  • Regen Network (Reinventing the economy of agriculture)
  • (CO2 monitoring & climate finance as a service for cities)
  • Blue Planet’s Direct Air Capture (Converting CO2 to limestone aggregate)
  • Pacific Coast Waters (Clean, safe, and sustainable water)
  • Nori (A new blockchain-backed carbon removal marketplace)
  • Charm Industrial (Biomass to hydrogen)
  • extrACTION design (Passive, carbon negative, and economically sustainable CO2 extraction panel)

This will be a fascinating evening of quick-moving presentations and networking — we look forward to seeing you there!


About our sponsor:
Manylabs is a nonprofit organization that fosters dialogue among science enthusiasts. We educate communities about emerging technologies, and offer support to the start-ups that develop them. We believe that climate change is an opportunity for innovation.

About our host:
Y Combinator
Y Combinator created a new model for funding early stage startups.
Twice a year they invest a small amount of money ($120k) in a large number of startups. Among their requests for startups, YC includes carbon removal technologies, cleaner commodities, and energy.

In partnership with:
Open NanoCarbon
What is the fastest way to solidify carbon from atmospheric CO2 to significantly impact climate change? Can it be done in under 25 years? This grassroots open science Apollo-style project will answer those questions by building and deploying an open hardware.

965 Mission St., Y Combinator · San Francisco, ca
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