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ClimateLink's mission is to accelerate the development and deployment of climate action technologies through the combined effects of an online market-network and physical meetups in hub cities around the world. This meetup is about building up the community here in the Bay Area of entrepreneurs, investors, scientists, and all champions of new technologies to improve the livability of our planet.

Anyone active in sustainability, climate action, technology, science, design, entrepreneurship, investment, and/or resource issues should join!

Are you:
• Working on a sustainability innovation and looking for investment, partners, or customers?
• Interested in working for a company that is doing the above?
• Looking to put money into startups in the trillions-dollar transition to a decarbonized?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you should join this meetup.

Monthly meetups will be 90 - 120 minutes in length (plus informal socializing time afterwards) showcasing innovative approaches to solve specific sustainability issues. We'll have 1 - 2 presenters showcasing what they've built, measured or expected results, and where they are going with the technology.

We're still figuring out a regular location, but we'll start at one of the WeWork spaces most likely.

Right now, we are aiming for the 2nd or 3rd Wednesday of each month for our primary meetup with some flexibility based on what else is going on.

Climate change is affecting the planet at an increasing pace and startups in our space need to be connected to a different set of capital providers than typical 'VCs'. This meetup and the network behind it is determined to make the right network connections happen and get these innovations to market.

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More Electric Vehicles = New Challenges and Innovation!

Transportation accounts for a significant share of global greenhouse gas emissions. Electrifying transportation is a crucial step towards global decarbonization. Replacing fossil based transport infrastructure is a wholesale transformation.

Like any transformation, transportation electrification comes with a host of new challenges:
- As millions of EVs connect to the electrical grid, how will utilities handle the exponential load growth?
- How can smart charging mitigate EV pressures on the grid?
- How can EVs integrate with solar panels and play a role in reducing peak demand?
- How can EVs provide emergency backup power for our homes?

Join us for answers to these questions and more thought leadership from WeaveGrid and dcbel, two innovative companies solving different problems at the forefront of transportation electrification.

Bonus: WeaveGrid is hiring across the business including numerous engineering and business operations roles. WeaveGrid is also looking for non-Tesla EV owners to provide feedback on their experience with the vehicle and to participate in an R&D partner program introduced to accelerate development for EV programs.

Speaker: John Sarter, Smart Home Integration Partner Onboarding & Support Lead

dcbel created a solar energy inverter that also provides up to twice the charging speed of your EV compared to Level 2 chargers. dcbel hardware and AI software enables optimal charging of your EV via either your own solar or the grid, and can also draw from your EV’s battery to maintain power in your home in the event of a blackout. John Sarter has over three decades of experience in green architecture, including his own construction and design firm and multiple non-profits. He is currently leading the onboarding of dcbel installer partners in California and the West Coast.

Speaker: John Taggart, Co-founder and CTO

WeaveGrid bridges two legacy industries - automotive and utility - at the digital frontier created by electric vehicles, specifically by recognizing EV drivers as the lynchpin to successful EV integration on the grid. WeaveGrid provides software solutions to enable EV drivers to have the best charging experience at home, and save money by avoiding the need for expensive smart chargers and by enrolling drivers in utility incentives like rebates and EV time-of-use rates. John is a leading expert in the arena of electric vehicles and their emissions and grid impacts, having previously worked at Tesla, in the Nissan Motors Futures Lab, and with the Science & Technology Policy Institute. John holds a PhD in Management Science and Engineering and an MS in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Stanford University, and he received his bachelor's degree from Princeton University.

Virtual ClimateLink Happy Hour

Online event

Come and join us every two weeks to discuss climatetech and our path to an equitable, decarbonized economy.

Virtual ClimateLink Happy Hour

Online event

Come and join us every month to discuss climatetech and our path to an equitable, decarbonized economy.

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Reducing Solar Soft Costs is Hard!

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