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Dublin ClojureBridge Workshop for women

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Kevin N.


Spread the word about this event to women you know who may be interested in learning Clojure.

ClojureBridge aims to increase diversity within the Clojure community by offering free, beginner-friendly Clojure programming workshops for women.


Please contact one of the organisers or comment on this page if you would like to volunteer to coach at the event.

Claudia Doppioslash (@doppioslash ( will fly in from the UK, to be the the main facilitator for the event.

Marketa Adamova & Roisin McMullin from Aviso Novate, as well as Don Ryan and Fergal Byrne (@fergbyrne ( have volunteered to assist, as coaches at the event.

The event is sponsored by Aviso Novate, Circle CI & WhatClinic. Also, thanks to Intercom for hosting the workshop.

Profile for Claudia Doppioslash: "a Game Developer and a moderately smug LISP weenie. Known in programming circles for her undying love for obscure and mind-bending programming languages, she has not yet given up on using LISP, and functional languages to develop games.

"An ever increasing laziness and loathing of repetitive work is encouraging her to look very closely into interactive development and better ways to debug and to promote them to anyone who will listen."


  1. Why would someone learn Clojure? [on Quora] (

  2. Will there be food?

Yes, Intercom kindly provides drinks and snacks. Also, we'll order in burritos & tacos for lunch, thanks to Aviso Novate & Circle.

  1. I'm a man. May I attend the workshop to learn Clojure?

Yes, as a "+1": i.e. in the company of a woman who's attending the workshop.

  1. What will I need to attend the workshop?

You'll need at least a little prior experience of programming. (This need not be recent.) Also, bring along a laptop.

  1. What does it cost?

The event is free-of-charge.

Stephen Court 18-21 St. Stephen's Green · Dublin
25 spots left