What we're about

This group is all about Kubernetes and the Cloud Native ecosystem dedicated to building a strong, open and diverse community around the Cloud Native stack in Karlsruhe. We cover topics around developing cloud native applications, running and monitoring distributed systems and learning about promising cloud technologies with a focus on Kubernetes and the CNCF projects ( https://www.cncf.io/projects/ ).

If you are interested in Linux, Docker, Kubernetes, networking, monitoring or cloud in general you should definitely join us. We want to talk and learn about the Cloud Native Computing Foundation projects like Kubernetes, HELM, Prometheus, gRPC or NATS but also want to cover other technologies that help us developing distributed applications. Our goal is to provide a local platform for like-minded people and companies that want to share their experiences and discuss about these awesome technologies.

Any skill level is welcome. We appreciate any contribution from the community. If you are interested in hosting a meetup, speaking at one or help organizing please get in touch with us here or on twitter at @CloudNativeKA (https://twitter.com/CloudNativeKA).

We adhere to the Community code of conduct ( https://communitycodeofconduct.com/ ) and want a safe environment for all attendees.

Past events (5)

Service meshes and the Traefik edge router

1&1 Telecommunication SE

Yet another pipeline and the Kubernetes Service Catalog


Automating Kubernetes deployments with Helm and Gitlab CI

andrena objects ag

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