Program with zk-SNARKS! A Night of Zero Knowledge Proofs

111 New Montgomery St

111 New Montgomery St · San Francisco, CA

How to find us

Buzz #400 at 111 New Montgomery St

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zk-SNARKs are a cutting-edge cryptographic primitive that allow you to rapidly verify the accuracy of any computation without revealing any information about its inputs. In addition to being theoretically fascinating, they been used as the core components of privacy-preserving cryptocurrencies like ZCash and succinct blockchains like Coda Protocol.

Still, few people can program fluently with zk-SNARKs. That's why we developed Snarky (, a domain-specific language designed to make snark programming intuitive and fun. We'll give a high level overview of what SNARKs allow you do to and effective programming strategies, then dive into an interactive tutorial.

6-6:30 Meeting, eating, greeting
6:30-7 How to effectively program SNARKs
7-8:30 A provably fair and secret election: a zk-SNARK tutorial