DevOps workshops: Linux as a virtual environment

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This is the first event in our DevOps series lead by Yonit Gruber-Hazani ( and Gabor Szabo ( ). We start with the basics. Installing and starting to use Linux. Many of the upcoming events will assume you already know at least the basics of Linux. So don't skip this one.

* Setting up Linux in a Virtual environment on your own computer.
* Learning the basics of Linux.

This is a hands-on event. You will hear a short demo and presentation and then you will install Linux and start using it.

Bring your own computer!
It needs to have a min of 4Gb of memory.
In order to speed up the installation please
* download and install the latest version of VirtualBox
* download the Ubuntu Server[masked] from it is an .iso file.
* download putty.exe from
Make sure you have at least 10 Gb free space on your hard disk after you have downloaded and installed the above.

DevOps Workshops are short meetings with a mix or presentations and hands-on exercises to learn tools, technologies, and processes used in the world of DevOps. Our meetings will cover subjects such as

* Linux CLI
* Version control (Git)
* Testing (Unit, Integration, Acceptance)
* Logging and monitoring (StatsD, ElasticSearch)
* Configuration management (Ansible, Chef, Puppet)
* Virtualization (Vagrant, Docker)
* Continuous Integration ( Travis-CI, Jenkins, CircleCI, Appveyor )
* Continuous Delivery
* Continuous Deployment
* Cloud infrastructure (Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure)
* Microservices Architecture
* Serverless Architecture

Just to name a few.