Getting Started with Google Cloud (TLV, Alon bldg)

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The Google cloud is big and it might be intimidating to get started.

In this workshop we’ll do our first step starting by creating an account. We plan to do the following:

- Create an account (Google gives you some free usage, but you’ll need your international credit card for this)
- Get familiar with the console.
- Create a Virtual Machine VM Instance (just a Linux box in the cloud).
- Install the Cloud SDK and use it to ssh to the server.
- Set up Metadata to create accounts on the VMs.
- Learn about preemptable and regular instances.
- Create our own image with some preinstalled software and configuration.
- Create instance template.
- Create instance group.
- Private IP vs. Public IP.
- Fixed public IP.

This is a hands-on workshop. It will include presentation and you actually experimenting with it.

- You need to bring your computer. Preferably with Linux or OSX or with Linux running in a VirtualBox.
- An international credit card.

The workshop is hosted by Twiggle:

The workshop is lead by Gabor Szabo who also maintains the Code Maven web site and teaches training courses in many different subjects.

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