• Introduction to MATchMapper: Opioid Use Disorder Treatment Finder

    Do you care about helping people with opioid use disorder find a good match for treatment resources in or near Philadelphia?

    Might MATchMapper Philadelphia help in your work or neighborhood?

    What is it? A free tool for searching several excellent public directories at once—by location, medications prescribed, services offered, payment options, etc.

    How can you help? Join us for a demo & discussion to learn about MATchMapper and make it more useful!


    1. Why MATchMapper?
    2. How to use MATchMapper
    3. To find MAT/MOUD* (demo & scavenger hunt)
    4. To update local info
    5. How we built MATchMapper
    6. Project-improvement wishlist

    *MAT = medication-assisted treatment, a.k.a. MOUD = medication for opioid use disorder

    If you would like to try MATchMapper out ahead of time, we can share a link a few days before March 30th.