Apps for Philly Democracy: Hackathon


Do you wish your interactions with our City were up-to-par with the latest commercial apps and services? Do you want a future where Philly is the role model of a modern city for the entire world (again)? Even if all you have is an itch and no idea how or skills to scratch it, this is your chance to do something about it without anyone's permission.

This event will bring together technologists, community organizers, and democracy and civic-engagement enthusiasts/experts for a weekend-long rapid prototyping session. Ideas presented and discussed at the preceding Friday night's Community Needs Assessment ( provide a starting point for project ideas, but all ideas related to democracy and civic-engagement are welcome. The only restriction is that all work done during the event must be released under an open-source or creative commons license.

This event is not just for coders! Successful projects also need designers, marketers, organizers, spreadsheet wizards, internet researchers, subject matter experts, citizens with experience in an area, and a healthy amount of elbow grease.

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