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初心者向けの英会話ミートアップ 協力的でポジティブな環境でコミュニケーション能力のレベルアップに挑戦しながら成長マインドセットを育ちましょう。 このワークショップで紹介する内容は以下のことを含みます: -会話を始める様々な方法 -相手が理解できないときに使えるアドバイス -英会話のすべきこととすべきではないこと 練習の時間がたっぷりあるワークショップですのでたくさん話してどんどん挑戦するつもりで積極的に参加してください!” *** Beginners English Conversation Meetup Take your communication skills to the next level and practice having a growth mindset in a supportive, positive, and challenging environment. In this workshop we will cover: -Strategies for starting a conversation -What to do when you don’t understand someone -English conversation do’s and don’ts We’ll also have lots of time to practice, so come prepared to talk and push yourself!” *** 🦋🦋🦋 To find out more about us, please go to our website: Follow us on... (Code Chrysalis English Communication) Instagram - Facebook - Twitter - (Code Chrysalis) Instagram - Facebook - Twitter - Blog - Medium - Code Chrysalis は東京を拠点としながらも、シリコンバレー精神を基盤にした12週間の短期集中型ソフトウェアエンジニア養成学校です。Code Chrysalis についてもっと知りたい方は: を見てみてください!

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Code Chrysalis コードクリサリス

東京都港区元麻布3-1-35 · Tokyo

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All of our events are free (unless stated) and open to people of all levels and backgrounds.

Code Chrysalis ( is a coding school based in Tokyo with the only advanced full-stack software engineering bootcamp in Asia. In addition to our full-time bootcamp (, we have two part-time programs---an introductory coding course ( and an English communication intensive (

We believe that being a capable modern software engineer is more than just knowing how to use tools. Our curriculum focuses on building strong foundational programming knowledge and coupling that with modern technologies and best practices.


• Create Software Engineering Leaders: Strong technical skills are only to start. We think that things like understanding agile work flows, test driven development, communication skills, growth mindsets, and autonomy are too often overlooked, but just as important.

• Empower Women: We want to increase the number of women going into technology and strive for equal gender representation in our classes and on our team.

• Build Community: We hold free educational workshops and networking events to provide support and build community for developers and engineers in Japan

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