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All of our events are free (unless stated) and open to people of all levels and backgrounds.

Code Chrysalis (https://www.codechrysalis.io) is a coding school based in Tokyo with the only advanced full-stack software engineering bootcamp in Asia. In addition to our full-time bootcamp (https://www.codechrysalis.io/immersive), we also have an introductory coding course (https://www.codechrysalis.io/foundations) in English and Japanese.

Code Chrysalis は東京を拠点としながらも、シリコンバレー精神を基盤にした12週間の短期集中型ソフトウェアエンジニア養成学校です。Code Chrysalis についてもっと知りたい方は: https://www.codechrysalis.io/ を見てみてください!

We believe that being a capable modern software engineer is more than just knowing how to use tools. Our curriculum focuses on building strong foundational programming knowledge and coupling that with modern technologies and best practices.


• Create Software Engineering Leaders: Strong technical skills are only to start. We think that things like understanding agile work flows, test driven development, communication skills, growth mindsets, and autonomy are too often overlooked, but just as important.

• Empower Women: We want to increase the number of women going into technology and strive for equal gender representation in our classes and on our team.

• Build Community: We hold free educational workshops and networking events to provide support and build community for developers and engineers in Japan

Questions? Check out our FAQs (https://codechrysalis.io/faq).

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Code Chrysalis will be documenting its events. Photographs, audio and/or video recorded by Code Chrysalis, or others on behalf of Code Chrysalis, at this event may include your image or likeness. By registering to attend our events, you agree that Code Chrysalis may use such recorded content for any purposes without compensation to you.

Upcoming events (5+)

Talk Night: JavaScript for IoT & Functional Programming Mentality

Welcome to Code Chrysalis Talk Night! We have 2 awesome speakers lined up for the night talking about JavaScript for IoT, and Functional Programming Mentality. We'll also have a Q&A and networking. Check the schedule and talk details below! The event is free to join, and open for anyone interested in the topics. **Schedule** 19:00: Doors open 19:30: Introductions 19:35 - 20:10: JavaScript for IoT, Q&A 20:10 - 20:45: Functional Programming Mentality, Q&A 20:50 - 21:30 Networking 21:30: END **JavaScript for IoT** Stefano will introduce Johnny-Five, a JS library that allows to write programs for Robotics and IoT. After explaining what this library does and how, he will show step-by-step how to setup the environment with a TESSEL-2 board. To do this, we will follow a live example. The talk will also demonstrate how flexible JS is as a language. This talk is aimed towards anyone who is fascinated by programming software for hardware, but has no idea where to start! Stefano is a recent graduate from Code Chrysalis 9th cohort. He comes from Italy, speaks multiple languages and currently studies Japanese as well. He's in love with technology and creating things with his hands. Stefano has given this talk before at our BIG MiniConf. **Functional Programming Mentality** Functional Programming (FP) is the second most used programming paradigm. It opposes to Object Oriented Programming (OOP) which intends to over structure and hierarchize every part of the code. FP is about providing a minimalistic structure as lightweight as possible. For someone coming from OOP, FP pushes your mind to rethink priorities and necessities. Why would you need a class here? Why would you set this variable to private access? Things you do everyday as an OOP programmer aren’t maybe all necessary. This talk is aimed towards: - OOP Programmers in search of different approaches - Beginners who wish to understand the mentality before the syntactic practice Julien is a Full-Stack Engineer and entrepreneur who has explored multiple industries during his career, going from video-game development, to digital marketing, sound engineering and SaaS. In 2016, he founded YUMI Group, a holding made of three startup companies in three different segments (game-development, consulting and software engineering). Welcome! **About Code Chrysalis** Code Chrysalis is a 12-week, full-time advanced coding bootcamp located in the heart of Tokyo🗼. See why we are an industry leader in technical education in Japan🗾. We put on free workshops and events for the community, so please support us by following us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter! To find out more about us, please go to our website: https://www.codechrysalis.io Follow us on: Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/codechrysalis Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/codechrysalis Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/codechrysalis Blog - https://blog.codechrysalis.io/ Medium - http://medium.com/code-chrysalis YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/c/codechrysalis ******** Code Chrysalis は東京を拠点としながらも、シリコンバレー精神を基盤にした12週間の短期集中型ソフトウェアエンジニア養成学校です。Code Chrysalis についてもっと知りたい方は:https://www.codechrysalis.io を見てみてください! ******** Code Chrysalis will be documenting this event. Photographs, audio and/or video recorded by Code Chrysalis, or others on behalf of Code Chrysalis, at this event may include your image or likeness. By registering to attend this event, you agree that Code Chrysalis may use such recorded content for any purpose without compensation to you.

MiniConf #6 - Series of Lightning Talks - Machine Learning Edition with ML Tokyo

Code Chrysalis コードクリサリス

MiniConf #6 - Machine Learning Edition! MiniConf is a series of Lightning Talks that explore current topics in tech. We are excited to have 4 amazing speakers joining us with 3 x 20 min talks -- check the content below! This event is in collaboration with Machine Learning Tokyo, and free to join. AGENDA 19:00 - Doors Open 19:30 - Intro (Sharp start!) 19:35 - 21:00 Lightning Talks (3 x 20 min) and Q&As 1) AI Open Education: Stanford Deep Learning Cheat Sheets in Japanese 2) Explain Deep Learning Predictions with Surrogate Model 3) GANs for Creative Text Generation 21:00 - Networking 21:30 - END LIGHTNING TALKS: 1) AI Open Education: Stanford Deep Learning Cheat Sheets in Japanese Yuta Kanzawa, Janssen Pharmaceutical K.K., SFE Senior Analyst Kamuela Lau, Rondhuit Co., Ltd, Software Engineer/Consultant Presenting the efforts of translating Stanford's CS 230 Deep Learning course from English into Japanese, supporting Japanese speaking students and ML beginners, and making high-tech education more accessible. The speakers will also give an intro to Deep Learning and Convolutional Neural Networks using the Stanford material in English and Japanese. Yuta Kanzawa is a Data Scientist at Janssen Pharmaceutical K.K., a family company of Johnson & Johnson in Tokyo. He has more than 7 years of experience in data analytics and has worked at Janssen for 3 years collaborating with commercial colleagues and senior management to deliver strategic insights through data science. Kamuela Lau is a graduate student at Georgia Institute of Technology and a software engineer/consultant at Rondhuit, a company specialized in the area of information retrieval based in Tokyo. A majority of his work is centered around machine learning applied to the field of information retrieval. Links 畳み込みニューラルネットワーク: http://stanford.io/2LRE8py リカレントニューラルネットワーク: http://stanford.io/30R34C1 アドバイスやコツ: http://stanford.io/2ok3O5h 2) Explain Deep Learning Predictions with Surrogate Model John Lau, Caulis K.K., VP of Engineering Tabular data is everywhere, thanks to the database technologies that we use to store them and of course, lots and lots of Excel spreadsheets. With recent revival of deep learning (DL), there is an urge to feed all the data into DL models to create various magical solutions. However, a DL model is a black box model in which it is difficult to understand why it predicts or classifies something. In this talk, John will share what we can do to handle this problem that presents high risk to industry that requires transparency (eg finance, healthcare, cybersecurity). John Lau has been working on full-stack engineering (machine learning, cybersecurity, back/front-end, infra) at early stage startups. Started out as integrated circuit design engineer at Intel FPGA (fomer Altera) before working as a research engineer in the National University of Singapore. Currently, he’s leading the data and visualization team in a cybersecurity company based in Tokyo. 3) GANs for Creative Text Generation Asir Saeed, Machine Learning Engineer, alt. Inc. This talk is about Creative AI for text. We will look at SOTA text generative methods, interesting projects and tools, transfer learning and caveats associated with creative text generation. We will also talk about Creative GANs, a research project on training language models using a GAN framework to generate poems, lyrics and metaphors. Asir is a Machine Learning Engineer working on NLP problems in research and production. Asir’s interests are in dialog systems, generative text models, ranking and data augmentation for text. **** ABOUT CODE CHRYSALIS Code Chrysalis is a 12-week, full-time software engineering bootcamp located in the heart of Tokyo. ABOUT MACHINE LEARNING TOKYO MLT is a Japan-based nonprofit organization dedicated to democratizing Machine Learning. We are a team of Engineers and Researchers and a community of 3,500 members. Join us: https://www.meetup.com/Machine-Learning-Tokyo/


Code Chrysalis コードクリサリス

(日本語は下記) Want to practice your Japanese and make friends in Tokyo? Registration required through Peatix: https://nihongo-de-shaberi-time1911.peatix.com Have you ever felt like even though you’re living in Japan, you don’t have many opportunities to speak in Japanese? Introducing しゃべりタイム, a fun, casual meetup where Japanese native and non-native speakers can get together to talk (only in Japanese) and make friends! We’re looking for all skill levels, from beginners to native speakers. There’s a lot of empathy in the room, and a lot of willingness to help beginners. So it’s a very casual, friendly, and supportive environment. Code Chrysalis is excited to collaborate with Courrier Japon for this event. We will kickoff the event by discussing “What has been surprising to you in Japan?” in groups, and then move on to other topics. Let’s improve our Japanese, make friends, learn more about Japan while sharing our perspectives and building a more global Japan. The event if free to join, and you can bring your own refreshments to the venue. 日本語を母語としない日本在住の方々と、日本語で、しかもじっくり話す機会って日常的にあるでしょうか? 「ある」と答えられる方は、かなり限られるのではないかと思います。 登録は必ずPeatixにてお願いいたします: https://nihongo-de-shaberi-time1911.peatix.com だとすると、同じことがそのまま、日本語を母語としない日本在住の方々の側にも当てはまることになります。 記念すべきコラボイベント第1回目の最初のお題は、「日本で生活するようになって驚いたこと」です。あとのお題は、参加申込時のアンケートで募集します。 法務省によれば、2018年末、在留外国人の数は273万1093人、前年末から6.6%増加、過去最高を記録しました。同時期の日本の総人口が1億2632万人なので、その2%ちょっとが在留外国人ということになります。 これが東京となると、全人口の4%弱が在留外国人になります。いうまでもなく、海外からの観光客などはここにカウントされていません。 クーリエ・ジャポンの記事でも人気カテゴリ「世界から見たニッポン」とも響き合う企画になると思います。 ぜひお誘い合わせのうえ、ご参加いただければ幸いです。 ※飲み物・食べ物ご持参ください!

Algorithms Meetup

Code Chrysalis コードクリサリス

We meet on every fourth Tuesday of every month (usually) to solve fun algorithms. This meetup is open to everyone---no matter your level/experience or language, there is something for you! We'll prepare 5 algorithms of varying levels for you to hack on by yourself, in a pair, or in a group. All human and computer languages are welcome! All levels welcome! If you are curious about what some of our past algorithms have looked like, you should check out the public repo: github.com/codechrysalis/algorithms-meetup This is a free meetup. You can bring your dinner and eat it here, but we ask that you take your trash with you and clean up after yourself. Please do not come early. Our doors open at 7pm and we need the time before to get ready. There are also other companies that work out of this area, so we don't want to start activities before our designated time. Agenda 7:00pm - Doors open 7:15pm - Intros 7:30pm - Get started 8:30pm - Present solutions

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