Demo Day -- Coding Bootcamp Code Chrysalis -- Cohort #11


EDIT: March 26th: We will NOT have a networking session as part of the event.

Demo Day for Code Chrysalis Immersive Bootcamp #11 will be held on March 26th, 2020! Stay tuned for upcoming student introductions, topics and more.

This time we will limit the amount of attendees to the event. Please secure your spot by RSVPing to this event.

What is Demo Day?

Come on over to Code Chrysalis and see our 11th cohort present their graduation projects! 18 students will graduate from the Immersive Program, and are eager to show you what they have learned.

Why join our Demo Day?

- Come meet your future CTO.
- Come hire one of our graduates, before someone else does.
- Come see what it's like at Code Chrysalis and where we can take you in only three months.
- Come celebrate the awesome accomplishments of our software engineers, and network!

Our previous Demo Days are on YouTube ->



19:00--Doors open!

19:30-19:35 Short Intro

19:35--Student Presentations

20:55 - Networking


Senior Project Teams!

1) Waiful
Revolutionize your laifu with Waiful, a health and wellness app that motivates you with your favourite waifus.

STACK: React Native frontend, Postgres-Ruby/ROR-GraphQL backend, deployed on AWS EC2+RDS

2) Tamamon
AR game for collecting “tamamon” that combines the best of Pokemon Go and Tamagotchi.

STACK: React Native, Viro React, Hasura, GraphQL, Swift

3) OneMoon
Custom 30-day challenges either for yourself or for a group which helps you stay accountable throughout the challenge.

STACK: React Native, AWS Amplify, GraphQL, TypeScript

4) DestiNations
Education native app for kids to explore the world and learn about different countries.

STACK: Unity, C#, Javascript


Here are the extra safety measurements we have taken at Code Chrysalis besides our general rules (, and expect all the participants to comply to.

We will be livestreaming the event as well.

- We have limited seats. You must have registered to this event in order to participate.
- We ask for everyone's contact information at the registration
- Please refrain from joining the event if you feel unwell
- We urge everyone to wear a mask. We will have some available at the venue
- Refrain from shaking hands or exchanging business cards during the event
- We ask everyone to use a hand sanitizer upon entering

If you do not feel comfortable with the above, or participating on-site, please follow the stream. We will publish the link on this site before the program starts (7:30PM JST). We ask for your understanding.


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