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What we’re about

Are you preparing for an interview as a software engineer or similar role? Many tech companies ask questions about data structures and algorithms, Big O Analysis, and technical puzzlers. This is a club for like minded individuals to prepare for such interviews by practicing typical technical/coding questions with each other on whiteboards, and critiquing answers in a friendly and encouraging environment.

The typical meeting format is as follows:

We start with a quick meet and greet before breaking in to pairs.
Each pair will take turns as interviewer and interviewee. The interviewer will spend a few minutes asking the interviewee about their resume, experience and what they are looking for in a role. Then they spend 20 minutes or so posing a technical coding question, and reviewing the solution. Then, the pair switch roles.

Pairs are, of course, welcome to change it up to suit their own needs!

After each round, we can change partners.

Please come prepared with:

* A friendly and inquisitive attitude!

* A copy of your resume for the 'interviewer' to review and discuss

* Some 'puzzler' type questions that are typical in tech interviews; Ideally questions you know the answers to!

See also the "First time at the meetup?" page.