Interactive Data Visualizations With Bokeh

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Have you ever found yourself asking more from your data visualizations to understand your data? Join us as we explore interactive data visualizations with Bokeh.

Bokeh is a library for novel custom interactive data visualization primarily for the web. Bokeh is primarily a Python library but can be used in other languages like R, Julia, Scala, Javascript.

Bokeh has its origins in the data science community, and many features have been added over the past year including websocket based python callbacks from the browser, JS callbacks, high level plotting interface and more. In this talk we will cover about what Bokeh is, and how it is different from other plotting libraries (matplotlib, ggplot2, d3.js).

We will show an overview of the many capabilities of Bokeh.
We will also walk through building a data visualization with Bokeh for the purposes of data exploration, and will cover different ways you can add interactivity to a visualization in
different scenarios. We will also cover some of the internals of Bokeh and how you can get started making interactive data visualizations quickly and effectively.

This event will be useful for anyone interested in exploring a new library, and understanding its capabilities and where it can be useful. This event does not require prior programming experience.

Meet your Instructor

Dheepak Krishnamurthy - Dheepak Krishnamurthy is an engineer in the Strategic Energy Analysis Center at NREL. He's also an avid Python user

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