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Delving Deeper : Human Needs
For this event we will have an open discussion on ideas of essential human needs. One framework for exploring needs is the triad of human motivation: pleasure seeking, pain avoidance, and energy conservation. The following are possible discussion ideas: 1. Defining human needs: What are they? Are they universal or do they vary from person to person? 2. Putting human needs in context: How do needs vary by physical circumstance? How do needs vary across the lifespan? What roles do cultures play in shaping the expression of different human needs? How do human needs shape political systems and how they are shaped by those systems? 3. Satisfaction of human needs: What are arguments for abstinence? Arguments for indulgence? What can be defined as moderation? What of self-gratification versus sacrifice for others. For this event we have reserved a meeting room at the Eloise May Library in Denver. The Library is on South Parker Road at the intersection with Florida Ave (1471 S Parker Rd, Denver, CO 80231). Check your preferred map source to plan your travel. We will meet in Meeting Room B . The meeting rooms are in the south hallway which is to the left when you enter the Library. The meeting room is on the right side of the hallway, just past the restrooms.

Arapahoe Eloise May Library

1471 South Parker Rd. Parker at Florida NW Corne · Denver, CO

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"SOCIALIZING Introverts " ???

Introverts are not shy people that rarely leave their houses. As with anything there are many types of people along the Introvert-Extrovert spectrum. And just because you're an introvert, it doesn't mean you are deficient, defective, or handicapped. Introverts are capable of many things, including making friends and socializing. Here's a whole GROUP of introverts that likes to socialize! We just prefer not to do it at places with music so loud you can't hear the person next to you, where there's no elbow room, or where people are loud, talk over each other, and don't take time to listen to each other. We have meetups geared for "quieter" activities, like museum visits, discussion groups, dinner meetups, walks, and day hikes too.

There are many people that are introverted by nature, but don't mind getting out, socializing, and interacting in the right environments. Non-crowded, quieter, low-key environments. This group will attempt to facilitate many opportunities for introverts to gather with other introverts in comfortable, low-stress environments to interact, to be social, to make new friends, and to catch up with friends.

Also, though it is a "social" group, it is not a singles group, or a dating group. We welcome individuals regardless of relationship status. We all need connection with people we can relate with.

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