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This Colorado Kundalini group is not currently active. I apologize for those that have traveled to the class not knowing we have not met in over a year. I didn’t cancel on the site through to 2021 as I thought I had. Thank you for your interest in kundalini yoga. I wish you keep up your practice in these challenging times, and reach out to other kundalini yoga groups that will be able to support you on your spiritual, meditation and yoga journey. I will reach out to the group if new classes and locations are offered in the future in the Denver area.You are all as Colorado kundalini members welcome to reach out to me directly. I can also be reached on Facebook.

Be healthy, Be happy, Be holy!

Sat Nam, Amritpal

“Don’t ask yourself what does the world need. Ask yourself what makes you come alive. Then do that. Because the world needs people who come alive “

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