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Energy-Medicine Favorites--Practical Tips & Tools for Everyday Use
Would you like to feel less stressed, have more energy, ease aches and pains, get rid of unwanted baggage, and make your life more enjoyable? Learn about Energy Medicine and experience a set of 10 practical self-help techniques that you can use anywhere, anytime (handout provided). Get suggestions for some energy-boosting nutritional items with simple ingredients that are readily available at the store. For additional details on this FREE event, please visit

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This group is for anyone interested in opening their mind and eyes and learning a new take on ancient medicine. Healthcare is moving beyond simple bio-chemistry. The discovery and mapping of the human body-field (HBF) has brought a deeper understanding of the role that the energy field has to play within the arena of health and wellness. We will explore the frontier of new science and get to know each other and our community along the way. Looking forward to meeting you.

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