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Are you an adult living in Colorado with high-functioning autism (formerly known as Asperger Syndrome), but you can't find a Meetup group that does sociable events for you? Are you only running into Meetups that are for parents of children with autism, social Meetup groups only for teens/young adults, or Meetups only meant for support but not meant for socializing? Then this is the group for you!

We intend on getting together for fun things, like bowling, outdoor activities, going to museums, or other activities that members of our group are interested in. This is not a group that gets together to just talk about our condition, but one that has people who want to express our interests and maybe find a new friend by doing fun things to break the ice! It's difficult to find new friends in the world today. It might be more comfortable to find a friend who has the same condition because we can relate. Here, we can all expand our horizons. Feel free to ask an Organizer or Co-Organizer if we could set up fun activities that interest you!

This group is mainly meant for adults 18-years-old or older, but with a parents permission from an Organizer, we will consider members who are younger. We have also now expanded beyond the Denver area and are finding Organizers in all areas of Colorado! Please feel free to contact Zion Justice if you want to schedule meetups in your area!

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